15 January 2018

January sucks?

So everybody knows January sucks, right? We are all on a come down after the Christmas and New year festivities, the weather is usually pants, we've got no money and it's ages until payday, there is never any daylight, it's all doom and gloom right? The media has declared today 'Blue Monday', so all of this must be true, right? WRONG!

8 January 2018

2018 Planning

I love setting goals, planning, lists, resolutions, love them all. I set myself different types of goals all the time, not just in January.  But I find this is of course the best month to sit and reflect over what you want to achieve for the year ahead.

4 January 2018

2017 in Review

Each year I make a point of doing a round-up style post of all the fun adventures we have been on, so...

In 2017 I visited:

3 January 2018

Wonderful Wednesday ... 65

Happy New Year and Wonderful Wednesday chums! To be perfectly honest I'm not feeling at all happy or wonderful but I am hoping that getting back to 'normal' and focusing on some positive things might just help with that so here we are...

We very sadly lost my grandma over the Christmas break so things have been a little blue. With my beloved K just a couple of months earlier there has just been too much loss and too much sad.  But with a fresh new year I am determined to pull myself together and to focus on making myself happy.

So here is my little list: