12 March 2018

A weekend in a 400 year old cottage in Longsleddale

It has been tradition for Mark and I over the past few years to have a little February Cumbrian holiday, tucked away in a remote cottage somewhere in the lakes. You can see previous years here and here. This year's cottage is perhaps THE best yet...

7 March 2018

Wonderful Wednesday... 72

Hello dear loyal blog readers (just my mum then, hi mum!) herewith I present to you a list of wonderful things, on a Wednesday... I call it 'Wonderful Wednesday'....

Shall we....

21 February 2018

Wonderful Wednesday ... 71

Happy Wednesday! Here's a little list of wonderful things that have been keeping a smile on my face this week:

14 February 2018

Wonderful Wednesday ... 70

I feel like I want a jingle to introduce these weekly posts... If this were a news segment, or a podcast or a vlog it would have a little jingle to introduce it... so you have to just imagine a little tune in your head and sing along...

It's ah Wonderful, oh so Wonderful, Wed nes day tiiiiiiimmme!

Shut up Jo.... just get on with it..... (eye roll emoji)