16 April 2018

Crochet Hedgehog Pal

So after finishing a recent crochet blanket commission I was commenting to friends how much I had enjoyed it and how I now had nothing left to crochet. I've always got projects for myself on the go, but I'm way more motivated when crocheting for other people. So my friend stated that she was in need of a new pin cushion, and would I crochet one for her? Of course I leapt at the opportunity!

11 April 2018

Wonderful Wednesday... 74

Yet again I've missed a couple of weeks. In my defence I have been off work, and Easter etc I had no idea what day it was. Whenever out of my regular routine things tend to slip a bit.  So a little bit of a bumper catch up list of wonderful things that have been happening lately.

5 April 2018

A toolkit for happiness

I'm a positive person and I would describe my overall mood on the average day as happy and content. This isn't an easy state to maintain however and something I work at everyday.

I can succumb to negativity, succumb to a bad mood, frustrations and a little too often at the moment some bleaker, sadder thoughts. But how can I minimise these? How can I prevent them in the first place?

I am putting this post together for myself, a little toolkit for me to read when I do feel hopeless and bleak and hopefully I can use it to bring my mood back to 'my normal'.

30 March 2018

Bright stripe baby blanket

Goodness it's been a while since I posted some crochet on here. Well in fact it's been a while since I completed any crochet worthy of posting on here. But I simply could not resist snapping this little bright blanket commission, really rather pleased with it.