23 August 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 55

Well hello there Wednesday gang! Welcome to another wonderful week.  I won't lie the last week hasn't been super wonderful for me. This time of year is pretty full for universities and I was away from home working hard at other campuses this week. I worked 7 full loooong days in fact.  But I still manged to squeeze some happy bits in... shall we....

18 August 2017

A family illustration commission for my sister

My little sister got married recently and as soon as she announced her engagement I knew what I was getting her for a wedding present. I had always wanted to commission a family illustration after seeing them all over Etsy and obviously Instagram and Pinterest etc etc. 

16 August 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 54

Oh dear, failed last week. I totally had my little list and had an image sorted and everything but just didn't get round to it for whatever reason. I think I do recall it being one of 'those' days, you know the kind, where a large family bar of chocolate is picked up from the shop on the way home. Moan and groan, they seem to be quite frequent recently (although not all resulting in quite so much chocolate I will add!)

I'm trying to be organised this week and on top of myself, so I am typing this on Tuesday lunchtime, as I am off to Lancaster and then Ambleside for a few days for work from tomorrow and I think if I don't get it done now I will very likely just forget again...

But always in amongst the busyness there are always the wonderful things... these are from the last couple of weeks...

2 August 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 53

Here's my little list of stuff that's keeping the smile on my face this week: