27 February 2012

Style Crush - Elycia

I love Elycia's style. She is brave with her outfit choices, which is really inspiring, and she always finds the most amazing and unique dresses that are super flattering. Check out her blog here http://www.loveelycia.com/  All the pics are from her site. 

26 February 2012

This week I have mostly...

  • Been feeling blah...To be honest this week has felt really looong, stressy and tiring! (hence lack of blog posts this week) Don't want to moan on here and try to concentrate on positive stuff. But I'm counting down the days until the new job starts, 1 week of notice period down, 3 to go. Will just be really nice to have a change.
  • Been finally getting round to attempting some zig zag nails! I of course need to perfect it a bit, but super happy with these as a first attempt, and it's so easy and effective. I had bought some new colours a couple of weeks ago to try this but had also bought some mega glittery stuff and have been wearing that instead (can't resist anything sparkly!)  My nails are different each week and I have literally not had bare nails since about the age of 14, I can't stand bare nails on me, looks freaky, plus after all these years of painting them they are kind of yellow and splitty, ew!

  • Been getting REALLY angry over this blog post http://www.tattydevine.com/blog/2012/02/can-you-spot-the-difference/. As you know from my previous posts and my profile pic etc I am the BIGGEST Tatty Devine fan and this post is something they blogged on their website about the high street chain Claire's Accessories blatently ripping off their ideas.  I get that everyone is inspired by stuff, but these are just exact copies which is wrong wrong wrong! Something that made me fume even more was one of the comments, which said well they were glad Claire's is doing rip offs because the Tatty version costs £150 and the Claire's version is like £5! Nobody can afford Tatty Devine! aaaaaargh! The reason Tatty is priced this high is that they are original, unique designs and handmade! Not mass produced shite. It means so much more to save up for an original piece.  I have a Dinosaur necklace (was saving it for a special blog post), it was bought for me by friends as a leaving present from an old job and it is such a treasure to me. Knowing that chavs in the high street could be wearing cheap knock offs really de-values the awesomeness of my necklace. ugh ugh.  However the one good thing that has come out of this is the fact that this feud has got national press coverage so lots of publicity for Tatty Devine. Good luck with the fight Tatty, and BOYCOTT Claire's Accessories I say!! (and breath! soz for the rant!) (Pic Source from the same blog link as above).

  • Been loving reading this lovely blog post from Jenny and the Magic Feather. (one of my new very favourite blogs) Such pretty photos, and she managed to make a normal day at home sound really interesting.  Cool idea too, I will have to give it a go at some point in a future post. (Pic source from the same link as above).

25 February 2012

Pancake Day!

So Tuesday was Pancake day.  Here's how to make perfect pancakes...

Mix up batter, pour into lightly oiled, hot frying pan...

Cook on one side, then flip....




The perfect finished specimen

Add toppings, we went for classic lemon and sugar, but threw in some 'crazy' options such as orange and maple syrup!

Stuff into mouth until belly just about to pop! ahhh! (then mostly feel soooo sick from pancakes you simply cannot look at another one until this time next year!)

21 February 2012

Star Hanging

This weekend I had some lovely spare time and no particular plans so I decided to make something pretty for my bedroom.  The room has the cutest little window, however it doesn't look as nice as I would wish.  Making some new curtains is high up on my crafty projects list.  But I thought an easy, quick way to brighten the window up would me to make these hanging felt stars.  (By the way I do apologise about the photos on my blog, I have only got my camera phone so far, and I am still learning in terms of photography skills, so bear with me!)

For this Crafty Adventure you will need...

- 2 large squares of felt, in different colours if you wish
- Star shaped cookie cutter, or you can make your own from a paper template
- Black embroidery thread
- Sewing needle
- Fabric scissors
- Pencil

  • I started by deciding how many stars I wanted on my hanging, I went for 5 stars.  I therefore cut out 10 stars from my felt, 5 red and 5 white.  I just drew round my cookie cutter using a pencil which marked the felt nicely.  Do keep your stars close together to save on fabric, and I always keep felt scraps for tiny details that may be needed for future projects.
  • I then cut a long length of embroidery thread and split it, so that I was using 3 strands for my sewing.  The stitch I used for these stars was blanket stitch.  To do this stitch firstly push the needle into the fabric, a few millimetres from the edge of the star from back to front.  Pull the thread through but leave about 1 inch tail at the end.  Push the needle through again, from back to front through the same hole, ensuring that you catch the tail end to secure it in.  Again push the needle in from back to front, but this time move the needle a few places to the right and pull the thread though.  Just before all the thread is through, when you still have a little loop, tuck your needle underneath the loop, from front to back and then pull thread tight.  The effect is rows of neat stitching with a little running line along the edge of your stars.  It is a useful stitch as it seals in the edges if you are using fabric that frays badly.  Always try to get your stitches of equal distance apart to make your work nice and neat. 
  • A good tip when trying to teach yourself new stitches, whether sewing or knitting etc. is to use You Tube.  I just type into the search the name of the stitch I am looking for and it will bring up loads of really good tutorials. I always find it much easier to learn from watching someone doing something than reading about it.
  • I used blanket stitch to stitch together a red and white star.  Complete all 5 stars and then sew them together with equal lengths of thread to make the hanging.   You will only need a couple of stitches to secure the thread onto each star.  Again ensure you catch your tail ends to secure your stitches.
  • I then made sure I had an extra long thread at the top of my hanging so that I had enough to tie it onto my curtain rail.
I hope you enjoy making this crafty adventure, please do leave me comments if you have made your own, and I would love to see pics!

20 February 2012

I Love My City - Spring Flowers in the Churchyard

I love it when you notice the first signs of the seasons changing, and there is nothing prettier than my local churchyard at the very beginning of spring when all the crocuses, daffodils and snowdrops are coming out.  At the height of their season, they fill the entire churchyard like a pretty purple and white speckled blanket, and it is such a beautiful sight.  Wild flowers are by far my favourite types of flower.  Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did taking them.

19 February 2012

This week I have mostly...

  • Been getting a NEW JOB! wuhuuu! I have been looking for something new for what feels like ages, and super super excited to start next month.
  • Been hunting down the latest issue of Mollie Makes. I have purchased every issue so far of this amazing magazine and it has quickly become my favourite (I do have a HUGE magazine addiction, and buy lots each month) but the latest issue came out this week and I cannot find it anywhere. I even asked in my local WH Smiths but the store lady was rude! ugh. Look how awesome it looks too, I want to make the cute little mice! sob! (Pic Source: http://molliemakes.themakingspot.com/)
  • Been enjoying a beautiful Valentine's day evening with my Mark. See my post here for more info and pics.

18 February 2012

Tatty Devine Love

I ABSOLUTELY love Tatty Devine, have loved them for a very long time, since the first plectrum necklaces. They have never made anything I don't like and if I had lots of money I would go to their shop and buy it all.  Of course eveything I wear goes with a Tatty necklace and I wear one each day.  Hope you like looking at my collection.

16 February 2012

Baking Adventures - Valentine's Cookies

So Tuesday was Valentine's Day and I cooked my Marky a lovely candlelight meal with lots of his favourites.  And of course it was another excuse to make some cookies. I do find there is always an occasion for baking cookies! I bought some new heart shaped cutters, in 5 different sizes for the occasion and decorated them in silver sprinkles and glitter.  I will share my fool proof, amazing cookie recipe in a future post.

I was very lucky and got a lovely card, red roses and ice cream in return!

14 February 2012


I have a lovely evening planned for my Marky, sooo excited!
Have a beautiful day, whatever you are doing! x

Style Crush - Kat Von D

I am a HUGE Kat Von D fan, loved her since she was in Miami Ink, then of course watched every single episode of LA Ink, got all the DVD's and her 2 books. (stalker alert! hehe) I think she is great, and has amazing talent. It is one of my many ambitions to get a Kat Von D tattoo. I think she always looks great, I might not actually want to wear most of her outfits myself, but they look good on her! Check out her website HERE.

(Pics are all quite old and mostly just from typing 'Kat Von D' into Google, so have not got original sources, sorry! I know it's naughty and I do not do this anymore, these old pics were already saved on my computer.)

13 February 2012

I Love My City - Trip to Bookcase

There are SO many wonderful things and places to visit in my little city of Carlisle.  This is going to be the first in a blog series showcasing the best this fine city has to offer and the many things I love about it.  This weekend my mum and I spent a lovely day browsing round the shops, visiting the local museum, lunching and generally having a lovely day together.  I was very surprised to hear that she had never been in one of my very favourite shops, an old, quirky, secondhand bookshop called Bookcase. It really is an amazing place.  There are so many little rooms to get lost in and it's all housed in such a beautiful old building. I love the smell of old books! Be sure to visit if you are in Carlisle!

12 February 2012

This week I have mostly...

  • Been LOVING this Zig zag nail tutorial on Love Elycia's blog.  She is one of my very fave bloggers, go check it out. I can't wait to try it. I purchased some new colours this week in preparation.

  • Been watching Crazy Stupid Love with the Gorgeous Ryan Gosling. (Any excuse for the gratuitous photo huh!)
  • Been enjoying hosting a dinner party for my friends. We try to have regular get togethers in my little loft flat. We made veggie cottage pie, full of lots of lovely beans and with a sweet potato topping and for desert lemon cheesecake! yum! (I will try to remember to take photos next time!)

  • Been checking out a lovely local Vintage Fashion Fair. Was super pretty and really cool to see such a good turn out for a local event. It's good that there are things like this in my little city, after being used to going to things like this in the Big Smoke! (Again - MUST remember to take photos next time!)
  • Been dealing with rejection! Not been the happiest of weeks, but I try to focus on the positives. I had a great interview for a pretty perfect job, and was really upset not to get it, but just makes me more determined! But on the positive side I have yet another interview next week. And I'm getting pretty good at the old applications, my success rate for securing interviews over the past couple of months is 100%! 3 interviews out of 3 applications sent in, wuhu!

11 February 2012

Old Family Photos

I recently spent hours scanning a lot of old family photos.  I love these tiny little old photos of my grandma, they perfectly capture her romantic sensibilities. These photos are so delicate and some of them are torn and tatty, it scares me that they might get lost or damaged so I wanted to ensure that they were saved forever. I have lots of these photos so I will share more in future posts.

8 February 2012

Maisy Cushion

For Christmas I got my first, very own sewing machine. My first project was a Maisy cushion.  I have a HUGE obsession with all things Maisy and could not resist this fabric in a little craft shop in Cambridge, all the other fabric was just patterny and floral but tucked in the side was some Maisy fabric, it was FATE! I did let out quite a big girly squeal! So here are the steps I followed to make my cushion...
  • Bought my cushion pad and laid it on the fabric to judge how big to cut the cushion. Always make sure that your fabric is bigger than the cushion pad to leave room to sew onto.
  • I then cut out 2 identical sized squares of fabric.
  • I bought some ribbon for the edging, just regular, thick ribbon and I folded it over.  I then pinned it round the edge of one of my squares of fabric, to the Maisy side of the fabric.  I then used my machine to firmly sew the ribbon on.
  • I then measured a length of ricrac round my cushion and used pins to help me secure it in place.  I then used the machine to sew this onto the square of fabric.  It was certainly a test of my machine skills to keep to a very straight line, especially on the thin red ricrac.
  • To finish off the detail I sewed pretty buttons onto the corners.  I did all the detail before I made the cushion up, this just make it easier and gives a better finish to the cushion as all the messy ends are hidden inside.
  • I then put the fabric squares together, Maisy sides facing inwards and pinned them in place.
  • I used the machine to sew right round the squares.  I went along slowly, ensuring that I stuck very closely to the lines where I sewed my ribbon on. Going over these lines would mean not being able to see the ribbon edges.
  • I left one edge part open to enable me enough room to put in the cushion pad.
  • After the sewing was complete I turned the cushion right side out and checked all my edges.
  • I then ironed my cushion so it was all neat and lying properly.
  • I then stuffed in my cushion pad and hand sewed the open edge neatly trying hard to hide my stitches as I went along.
I am super pleased with the finished cushion, It is a perfect 'Jo' cushion and contains so many things I love, Maisy, bright primary colours, ricrac, ribbon, polka dots and buttons. I am also just very pleased that I completed my first sewing machine project successfully. My cushion now sits pride of place on my little sofa in my little loft flat.

7 February 2012

Outdoor Adventures - Walk up Keswick Railway Footpath

 Frozen tree, I think it looks like a weird sculpture.

Who's footprints are these? Got super excited to see these, think a deer was doing our little walk before us!

This weekend we went for a pretty, frosty walk along the old railway line from Threlkeld to Keswick.  I was excited to finally see a little bit of snow, as I have been hoping and waiting for snow all winter, still not enough for sledging, but a start!  Along the walk we came across loads of icicles formed on the old stone railway line sidings and hanging from the tunnels, they looked really pretty and I couldn't resist some photos.  Hope you like them!

6 February 2012

Style Crush - Fearne Cotton

I have kept a scrapbook for years and years, I love cutting out pictures from magazines of looks that I love.  When I need some inspiration I always go back to these books and they never fail to make me happy and full of ideas.  (I will share some pages from these books in future posts.) I will never stop scrapbooking, I'm old fashioned, I think I will probably always prefer 'real' books and magazines over websites and digital copies but recently I discovered Pinterest and goodness it is addictive! So Pinterest gives me a place for my digital images and my scrapbooks for my printed ones, so all in all double the pretty pictures collection! Yeah!

So my second Style Crush is Fearne, I have been collecting pictures of her in my scrapbook for a while, I just seem to love everything she wears, great mix of rocky, and girly. Hope you like the pics! And check out my Pinterest.

(All these pics have copyright logos on them back to their original sources, most have been found on celebrity, newspaper or gossip websites, but as they are quite old images I no longer have specific website sources - sorry!)

5 February 2012

This week I have mostly...

  • been gazing in wonder at the new Victoria Beckham 'Victoria' dress collection. I never thought I would like her stuff, and find it quite unbelievable that she designed them all herself, but this collection is very cute, it helps having the amazing Michelle Williams wearing them of course! (Pic is from https://twitter.com/#!/victoriabeckham/status/158611891097305089/photo/1)
  • been drinking hot chocolate
  • been snuggling in my bed with my electric blanket, THE BESTEST invention ever. (it's been soooo coooold this week!

  • been discovering a great new blog. I love it when I find a great blog that appeals to me aesthetically but also content wise. Meredith seems super nice, and how she is using her blog to boost her self confidence is really inspiring. (Pic is from http://onesheepishgirl.blogspot.com/)