8 February 2012

Maisy Cushion

For Christmas I got my first, very own sewing machine. My first project was a Maisy cushion.  I have a HUGE obsession with all things Maisy and could not resist this fabric in a little craft shop in Cambridge, all the other fabric was just patterny and floral but tucked in the side was some Maisy fabric, it was FATE! I did let out quite a big girly squeal! So here are the steps I followed to make my cushion...
  • Bought my cushion pad and laid it on the fabric to judge how big to cut the cushion. Always make sure that your fabric is bigger than the cushion pad to leave room to sew onto.
  • I then cut out 2 identical sized squares of fabric.
  • I bought some ribbon for the edging, just regular, thick ribbon and I folded it over.  I then pinned it round the edge of one of my squares of fabric, to the Maisy side of the fabric.  I then used my machine to firmly sew the ribbon on.
  • I then measured a length of ricrac round my cushion and used pins to help me secure it in place.  I then used the machine to sew this onto the square of fabric.  It was certainly a test of my machine skills to keep to a very straight line, especially on the thin red ricrac.
  • To finish off the detail I sewed pretty buttons onto the corners.  I did all the detail before I made the cushion up, this just make it easier and gives a better finish to the cushion as all the messy ends are hidden inside.
  • I then put the fabric squares together, Maisy sides facing inwards and pinned them in place.
  • I used the machine to sew right round the squares.  I went along slowly, ensuring that I stuck very closely to the lines where I sewed my ribbon on. Going over these lines would mean not being able to see the ribbon edges.
  • I left one edge part open to enable me enough room to put in the cushion pad.
  • After the sewing was complete I turned the cushion right side out and checked all my edges.
  • I then ironed my cushion so it was all neat and lying properly.
  • I then stuffed in my cushion pad and hand sewed the open edge neatly trying hard to hide my stitches as I went along.
I am super pleased with the finished cushion, It is a perfect 'Jo' cushion and contains so many things I love, Maisy, bright primary colours, ricrac, ribbon, polka dots and buttons. I am also just very pleased that I completed my first sewing machine project successfully. My cushion now sits pride of place on my little sofa in my little loft flat.

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