21 February 2012

Star Hanging

This weekend I had some lovely spare time and no particular plans so I decided to make something pretty for my bedroom.  The room has the cutest little window, however it doesn't look as nice as I would wish.  Making some new curtains is high up on my crafty projects list.  But I thought an easy, quick way to brighten the window up would me to make these hanging felt stars.  (By the way I do apologise about the photos on my blog, I have only got my camera phone so far, and I am still learning in terms of photography skills, so bear with me!)

For this Crafty Adventure you will need...

- 2 large squares of felt, in different colours if you wish
- Star shaped cookie cutter, or you can make your own from a paper template
- Black embroidery thread
- Sewing needle
- Fabric scissors
- Pencil

  • I started by deciding how many stars I wanted on my hanging, I went for 5 stars.  I therefore cut out 10 stars from my felt, 5 red and 5 white.  I just drew round my cookie cutter using a pencil which marked the felt nicely.  Do keep your stars close together to save on fabric, and I always keep felt scraps for tiny details that may be needed for future projects.
  • I then cut a long length of embroidery thread and split it, so that I was using 3 strands for my sewing.  The stitch I used for these stars was blanket stitch.  To do this stitch firstly push the needle into the fabric, a few millimetres from the edge of the star from back to front.  Pull the thread through but leave about 1 inch tail at the end.  Push the needle through again, from back to front through the same hole, ensuring that you catch the tail end to secure it in.  Again push the needle in from back to front, but this time move the needle a few places to the right and pull the thread though.  Just before all the thread is through, when you still have a little loop, tuck your needle underneath the loop, from front to back and then pull thread tight.  The effect is rows of neat stitching with a little running line along the edge of your stars.  It is a useful stitch as it seals in the edges if you are using fabric that frays badly.  Always try to get your stitches of equal distance apart to make your work nice and neat. 
  • A good tip when trying to teach yourself new stitches, whether sewing or knitting etc. is to use You Tube.  I just type into the search the name of the stitch I am looking for and it will bring up loads of really good tutorials. I always find it much easier to learn from watching someone doing something than reading about it.
  • I used blanket stitch to stitch together a red and white star.  Complete all 5 stars and then sew them together with equal lengths of thread to make the hanging.   You will only need a couple of stitches to secure the thread onto each star.  Again ensure you catch your tail ends to secure your stitches.
  • I then made sure I had an extra long thread at the top of my hanging so that I had enough to tie it onto my curtain rail.
I hope you enjoy making this crafty adventure, please do leave me comments if you have made your own, and I would love to see pics!

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  1. I saw something like this on pintrest, and really want to try it! So I'll post pics once I get on to it! Pretty!! Xx


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