6 February 2012

Style Crush - Fearne Cotton

I have kept a scrapbook for years and years, I love cutting out pictures from magazines of looks that I love.  When I need some inspiration I always go back to these books and they never fail to make me happy and full of ideas.  (I will share some pages from these books in future posts.) I will never stop scrapbooking, I'm old fashioned, I think I will probably always prefer 'real' books and magazines over websites and digital copies but recently I discovered Pinterest and goodness it is addictive! So Pinterest gives me a place for my digital images and my scrapbooks for my printed ones, so all in all double the pretty pictures collection! Yeah!

So my second Style Crush is Fearne, I have been collecting pictures of her in my scrapbook for a while, I just seem to love everything she wears, great mix of rocky, and girly. Hope you like the pics! And check out my Pinterest.

(All these pics have copyright logos on them back to their original sources, most have been found on celebrity, newspaper or gossip websites, but as they are quite old images I no longer have specific website sources - sorry!)

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