26 February 2012

This week I have mostly...

  • Been feeling blah...To be honest this week has felt really looong, stressy and tiring! (hence lack of blog posts this week) Don't want to moan on here and try to concentrate on positive stuff. But I'm counting down the days until the new job starts, 1 week of notice period down, 3 to go. Will just be really nice to have a change.
  • Been finally getting round to attempting some zig zag nails! I of course need to perfect it a bit, but super happy with these as a first attempt, and it's so easy and effective. I had bought some new colours a couple of weeks ago to try this but had also bought some mega glittery stuff and have been wearing that instead (can't resist anything sparkly!)  My nails are different each week and I have literally not had bare nails since about the age of 14, I can't stand bare nails on me, looks freaky, plus after all these years of painting them they are kind of yellow and splitty, ew!

  • Been getting REALLY angry over this blog post http://www.tattydevine.com/blog/2012/02/can-you-spot-the-difference/. As you know from my previous posts and my profile pic etc I am the BIGGEST Tatty Devine fan and this post is something they blogged on their website about the high street chain Claire's Accessories blatently ripping off their ideas.  I get that everyone is inspired by stuff, but these are just exact copies which is wrong wrong wrong! Something that made me fume even more was one of the comments, which said well they were glad Claire's is doing rip offs because the Tatty version costs £150 and the Claire's version is like £5! Nobody can afford Tatty Devine! aaaaaargh! The reason Tatty is priced this high is that they are original, unique designs and handmade! Not mass produced shite. It means so much more to save up for an original piece.  I have a Dinosaur necklace (was saving it for a special blog post), it was bought for me by friends as a leaving present from an old job and it is such a treasure to me. Knowing that chavs in the high street could be wearing cheap knock offs really de-values the awesomeness of my necklace. ugh ugh.  However the one good thing that has come out of this is the fact that this feud has got national press coverage so lots of publicity for Tatty Devine. Good luck with the fight Tatty, and BOYCOTT Claire's Accessories I say!! (and breath! soz for the rant!) (Pic Source from the same blog link as above).

  • Been loving reading this lovely blog post from Jenny and the Magic Feather. (one of my new very favourite blogs) Such pretty photos, and she managed to make a normal day at home sound really interesting.  Cool idea too, I will have to give it a go at some point in a future post. (Pic source from the same link as above).

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