3 March 2012

Home Treasures

Have I mentioned how in love with my little loft flat I am? Well I LOVE it loads.  It's the first time I've lived completely on my own and It's sooo nice to be able to have all my belongings spread out and exactly where I want them.  I have been collecting lots of little things for my home for years and all these tiny details add up together to make my flat so perfect to me.  I thought I would share a few little treasures around my flat...

  1. These plants are very old, you simply cannot kill succulents, which is good because I love these little guys like they are pets!
  2. Looking at these teeny jars makes me sooo happy, they are just sooooo cute! I found these at a local craft fayre years ago and if I could remember the name of the lady that makes these I would share a link, I do come across her every now and again but always forget to note down her name! She makes everything out of Fimo, she has little brooches, hair slides, cards, bracelets, ok so they are probably made for kids but they just appeal to me so much.
  3. Why of course Maisy has her own chair!
Hope you enjoyed my photos, it has been fun to share them. x

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