20 March 2012

Outdoor Adventures - Walk in Armathwaite

Saturday was such a nice sunny day! Probably the fist this year so far, felt very spring like and pretty.  Dad and Kara and I decided to go for a walk that we found in the local paper around Armathwaite, a pretty village in the Eden Valley, just to the East of Carlisle.  It is so nice round there and there are lots of pretty little villages to discover.  Was a very interesting walk, we got stuck in a herd of cows, had to walk on a track ankle deep in squelchy mud (Which I enjoyed actually in my wellies!) then we saw a farmer bringing out teeny tiny lambs from the shed into the field for the first time! So lovely to see, they were so skinny and wobbly on their feet. I love this time of year where all the fields are full of lambs, sooooo cute! At the end of the walk Daddy wanted to walk up to the little station in Armathwaite, he can't resist a pretty old fashioned little station and he was very happy to see the station buildings were beautifully kept.

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