4 March 2012

This week I have mostly...

  • Been getting back into running. I am beyond happy about this, because I love running.  I started a few years ago and got really into it (which I never thought in a million years I would) but I stopped a while back and each time I have attempted it I have been frustrated by stiff joints and pain down the front of my shins.  But I have done lots of leg exercises and I have started off slow again with reps round the block.  Can't wait for more running next week. (Will blog more about my running journey soon)
  • Been getting my hair cut, see post HERE. So I have been figuring out different ways I can wear it, I'm never very brave with my hair, but I'm determined to be different with this new do. 
  • Been crying along to series 9 of One Tree Hill.  Yeah I know I know, so my taste in TV shows is not particularly great, but I couldn't care less, I like what I like and I have been loving OTH since the beginning.  I am so sad this is the last series but if they kill Nathan off I don't quite know what I might do! (and what's with Lucas coming back randomly, and that hair, ICK!) http://www.cwtv.com/shows/one-tree-hill
  • Been LOVING Friends with Benefits, (check out the details and trailer HERE).  I just rented it on DVD this week and I must say it is the best film I have seen so far this year.  Films for me are about escapism so the more girly, slushy and sentimental the better.  This was a very obvious story line but I loved the characters, the setting and the whole feel of this movie. (Justin's very naked body all the way through helped a wee bit too)!

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