11 March 2012

This week I have mostly...

  • Been watching baby sloth videos! OH MY GOSH, these are sooo cute! I start with one YouTube video and it links to more and before you know it an hour has gone by solely watching baby sloths.  I want one, pleeeeeeeeease!

  • Been pinning like crazy onto my Pinterest. I am so addicted! These are some of my recent favourite pins...
          1. From http://www.herecomesthesunblog.com/
          2. From http://www.keikolynn.com/
          3. From http://www.purlbee.com/

  • Been swotting up on photography through A Beautiful Mess.  I love Elsie's blog so much, and the images on it are just fantastic.  I hope to make my blog as eye catching as hers one day, will have to purchase a decent camera first though. Hopefully with my pennies from the new job...
  • Been having fun researching and making Mother's Day crafts.  I can't show pics yet as Mummy might see this, but I will post pics after Mother's Day!
  • Been mourning the loss of Dexter (http://www.sho.com/site/dexter/home.sho#fbid=CGK_G3tp-zB) in my life! We just finished the Season 4 box set and have yet to get Season 5. I was distraught at the ending of Season 4, so a little anxious to see what Season 5 brings. (I get REALLY involved in TV programes, hehe!)

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