18 March 2012

This week I have mostly...

  • Been having my last week at work, and it was a bit stressy and emotional. Hasn't really sunk in yet that I have left. Had a good last day though, got lovely pressies and had a nice meal. Sad to leave everyone, but excited for something new.

Costa store
  • Been looking round at my new job. I had one day this week before I start properly next week. It seems really good, and everyone was nice.  But I have to admit the most exciting bit was finding out there is a mini Costa in the canteen! wuhu! Yummy hot chocolates every day (well more like attempting not to get hot chocs every day!) Pic from www.costa.co.uk

  • Been discovering the many many drool worthy dresses at www.oasis-stores.com, there are SO many I want. Can't wait until payday! However I am getting slightly nervous about the nicer weather, I may have to give up my black opaques soon, eeek! Pic from www.oasis-stores.com
  • Been spending a lovely weekend mostly outside.  First a brilliant, pretty walk with Dad and Kara (check back tomorrow for a full post about the walk) and then this morning a great bike ride with Dad round an old familiar route, but also a very favourite with lots of hills to woosh down.  It's nice that the weather feels nicer and I can convince my dad to get out on his bike.  Excited for all the bike rides to come this summer.

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