5 March 2012

This week's nails...

This week's nails could not be more girly! They look like cartoon nails!  Anywho, if you would like to know this is how I did it, It is based on Elycia's zig zag nail tutorial which you can find HERE...

You will need 2 colours, I would suggest a lightish base colour and a bold and vibrant top colour.  If you are going to do put the effort in it's good it stands out and you can see the 2 different colours well.
My colours are a white, which is just a french polish tip whitener from Boots, then Models Own in Sophie's Pink and a Barry M all in one topcoat, basecoat and nail hardener.
  • Paint your nails white with 2 coats as normal, wait until completely dry.
  • Get some pinking shears (you know those crafter's scissors with the shaped blades) well I have some scalloped shaped ones so I used these.
  • Get some sellotape and cut out tiny strips with the pinking shears.
  • Place sellotape strips onto nails of first hand, thinking carefully  where the lines will appear and how you want them then ensure tapes are secure and stuck down well.
  • Get your pink and paint the tips with downward strokes towards end of nails.  Go over the edges of the sellotape as well to ensure you have a neat line.
  • Once all first hand has been done pull off the sellotape really fast. There is the danger that it pulls off some nail polish with it, but little bits can be touched up later.
  • I would recommend waiting for this hand to dry completely before embarking on the second hand!
  • Then once both hands beautifully scalloped paint over with 1 coat of clear varnish, this gives them a lovely shiny finish.

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