2 March 2012

What am I reading?

What a legend!

The book I am currently reading is Wait for me! by Deborah Devonshire.  She is the youngest and only surviving Mitford sister and the Mitford family are endlessly fascinating to me.  The most famous Mitford is Nancy, she wrote Love in a Cold Climate and The Pursuit of Love, which are two of my absolutely favourite books ever.  They have been made into films and TV series too, which I LOVE! But this book is Deborah, or Debo's (as she is known) memoirs.  She is most famous for marrying the Duke of Devonshire who inherited this...

Chatsworth House
Which is most famous for being used as Pemberley in the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

What I am enjoying most about this book, and indeed something that runs through all the Mitfords' books is the theme of sisters.  They are so silly together, have secret languages, pet names for each other, years of inside jokes and anyone who has a sister will appreciate this special bond.  Some of the silly stories she shares make me laugh out loud as they sound so much like my sister and I.

You should certainly buy this book, it is on sale here...

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