30 April 2012

This month... April

I really like reading other bloggers' monthly review posts and I thought it would be fun to start a new series of my own.  It is nice to look back and take stock of the things you have enjoyed, been grateful for, new things discovered and things you have achieved.  So this was my April...

Movies/TV Shows
Girls, I’m only a couple of episodes in but it seems like it is going to be a new favourite. • Californication, I have just discovered this on Netflix, and have watched about 3 series already this month (I watch too much TV), It’s a BIT rude, and it’s like each episode they try and out-do themselves with the rudeness, but it’s quite funny too. • The Help, I loved this movie, made me cry buckets! • Homeland, I didn’t think I would like this at first, but I am hooked, and obviously I am a MASSIVE fan of Angela Chase! • 2 Broke Girls, another new one, also very funny!

New Blogs Discovered

Things That Made Me Smile
Seeing all the bluebells popping up everywhere. • Getting Solfest tickets and planning our fancy dress costumes. • Fresh new copies of Mollie Makes. • Re-discovering my motivation for exercise. • A Friend’s lovely pregnancy news. • Wild Primroses on lovely country walks. • Cute lambs playing in the fields (isn’t Spring great!). • My new job. • My grandma getting better. • The little bird’s nest in the tree in my garden. • Being able to see my dad and dog at lunch times. • Pinterest.

Going on my own to a work conference and actually ‘networking’. Finally getting my blog in order and planning and organising future posts properly. Going on a long bike ride on my own. Got into a good exercise routine. Eating more healthy and planning proper meals. Organising and sorting my many computer files into some usable, logical manner. • Being a responsible grown up and sorting out my pension (gosh how dull!). • Giving blood.

Thanks April! it has been a pretty month with baby animals and flowers shooting up everywhere.  What will May have in store...?

27 April 2012

This week...

Well hellooooo Friday! wuhu! This week has seemed really long!

I have had a little re-organise on the blog and I have decided to move 'This week' to a Friday and taken the decision not to blog at the weekends.  I do really want to keep my posts consistent, so my many MILLIONS of readers know when to expect updates! ha! But I was just finding it a bit of a struggle to post 7 days a week, so if I cut down to five, hopefully I will have some better content.  I've also started a little blog planner journal to help me map out my ideas, we shall see how it works out...

So this week...
  1. I've been dreaming about new dresses again, and not only is today Friday but also payday, so I guess I will HAVE to go shopping tomorrow, oh what a chore! (Dresses and pic source from here.
  2. I have discovered Girls the new TV show about a group of girls living in New York.  Sounds familiar but it's like the opposite of Sex and the City, they are all poor, live in dingy apartments and are struggling to find jobs.  But there seems to be lots of discussions about boys, so I guess some things are the same, hehe!
  3. I loved this post on Elycia's blog.  Sometimes there is nothing better than pictures of cats to make me smile.  I commented on the post and I was so excited because Elycia actually replied! I have been reading blogs for quite a while now and my fave bloggers have become like celebrities to me, so I was super happy about the reply. (SAD!)
  4. We have been having brainstorming sessions about costume ideas for Solfest, a local music festival we are going to in August.  They have a big fancy dress party and this year the theme is characters from Roald Dahl books.  So far, I am quite keen on going as a Wonka bar, the more silly I can look the better, I say!
  5. Also this week I took myself off for a perfect evening bike ride in the countryside.  I was out longer than anticipated and decided I would try and go as fast as I could, my legs were like jelly when I finally got off my bike.  But the best thing was that a deer ran out in front of me, you don't see them every day.
I hope you have a lovely Friday and fun packed weekend. x

26 April 2012

What Should I Wear?

I always decide my outfits for the following day the night before. Yes, OK so I am a bit of an anal, over organised freak but that's just what makes me happy! I like my mornings to be leisurely and I know if I am trying on a million outfits in front of the mirror all stressed it will put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day!  I don't care if some people don't get it and think being interested in clothes and how you look is shallow, it really does have a huge impact on my mood and self esteem. I am not a happy person if I don't not feel happy with the way I am dressed.

So whilst setting out my outfit for tomorrow I thought I could photograph it and blog about it, having been inspired recently by the way Jen and Elsie have done outfit posts.  I am a little too shy to do an outfit post where I am actually wearing the clothes, and don't currently have the equipment. (Hopefully new camera soon, and again apologies over poor photo quality!)

This is one of my very favourite dresses which I like to wear with thick black opaques, a black cardy and trusty black brogues.  Of course I need a Tatty Devine to go with it and this red Joanne in drippy blood lettering is perfect.

Hope you like it! x

25 April 2012

Style Crush - The Dainty Squid

My next style crush is Kaylah from http://daintysquid.blogspot.co.uk/.  She is one of my very favourite bloggers.  She is very brave with her outfit choices which is most admirable.  Whenever I think I'm being 'brave' with an outfit I usually regret it because I get so paranoid I am being stared out.  So I do really admire those who seem so confident with what they wear. I also love how colourful her outfits are and her attention to detail, I love all the little co-ordinated bits. All pictures are from The Dainty Squid blog, link as above.

24 April 2012

A few recent pins...

I thought I would share some more recent pins with you.  These are from my 'Amazing Art' board, check out my Pinterest here. They are illustrations from the mega talented Liselotte Watkins, I LOVE her drawings, wow! My favouritest has to be the last one, with the glasses and green collared dress. My 'Blog Lovin' button on my main page is also one of her illustrations. All images are copyright Liselotte Watkins and her blog can be found here... http://liselottewatkins.blogspot.co.uk/

23 April 2012


Been sorting out my Ipod last week and updating with new stuff. Found this little gem lurking in there, and I can't stop listening. Reminds me of my student days, dancing at Jilly's Rock World. Video is a little dated and freaky! But I do like me a bit of German Industrial metal.

Rammstein - Engel


22 April 2012

This week...

I have discovered the ridiculously cute and funny little cartoons by Gemma Correll.  You can check out all her work on her blog here http://gemma-correll.blogspot.co.uk. I giggle every time I hear the word spork or indeed see a spork,  and I don't quite know why!? So this cartoon, as you can imagine, had me in stitches!
Picture ©Gemma Correll

I found this little patch of bluebells on my walk to work and just generally been noticing bluebells everywhere.  They are one of my very favourite flowers, I love wild flowers the most.  It makes me smile when I see them.

I heard the word 'Jubilympics' and I still cannot stop laughing about it. I believe it originated from this TV programme (video above). What is it about words that are made up of two words that tickle me so much? I really do have a simple sense of humour! I love the way that Jessica Stevenson says it on this clip, gosh she is funny.  Will have to check out more of this programme actually...

I watched The Help this week http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1454029/ and cried a LOT! Really good film, check it out.

Well I am off to Asda to do some food shopping now, such a crazy life I do lead!
Have a good Sunday! x

21 April 2012

Outdoor Adventures - Walk up Latrigg, Keswick

Today we went for a pretty walk up Latrigg, which is a relatively small (in Lake District standards) fell in Keswick.  The weather wasn't great, sunny one second then cloudy and rainy the next, but hey it is Cumbria! But was a lovely walk anyway.  We saw cute little lambs and I was so happy to see lots of wild Primroses too.

16 April 2012

This week's nails...

Last week I mentioned that I had recently discovered dotting tools, and I am afraid there are going to be quite a few more dotty nails to come in future nail posts! I just can't get over the many different colour and dot size combinations, imagine the possibilities and endless fun! hehe!  This week I have gone with a blue base coat and white big dots using the biggest dotting tool.  The blue and clear are Barry M and the white is, I think, actually a nail tip whitener for french manicures, works good for dots too tho and it's nice and thick.

10 April 2012

I Love My City - Solitary Walk in Rickerby Park

I LOVE my new job, I also LOVE my city!  So on Thursday I was literally kicked out of work early because everybody wanted to start their Easter weekend. I wasn't going to complain, but I did have some time to kill as I was going to a friend's house after work so I thought as it was a beautiful day I would take myself for a walk through the park.  Rickerby Park is amazing, we are so lucky in Carlisle to have a place like this.  It is more like countryside than an inner city park, and sheep and cows graze here too, imagine seeing cows in Hyde Park in London, it would be so odd!  There is also a river running through the middle where my dog Kara and I like to paddle on our walks.  But what amazes me most about this beautiful park is the fact it is so quiet! The place is so big, and at certain times of the day you will not bump into another person.  I used to live in London, and having a park to yourself was unheard of.  It really is a perfect place to take yourself for a walk on a sunny spring afternoon.

9 April 2012

This week's nails...

I bought THE best nail art tools recently, dotting tools! I didn't even know these existed until seeing them on another blog.  How great are they?  I used to dot my nails all the time, but just used the end of the brush.  These work soooo well, and I love all the different size possibilities. These nails are my very favourite green with blue spots, both colours from Barry M.

8 April 2012

This week I have mostly...

  • Been drooooooling over this photo, there are so many beautiful things about it! The beautiful Kat Von D of course, and who knew Ewan McGregor could get prettier, but now with a Kat Von D tattoo, aaargh! But also her office is just ridiculous, look at those candles, and I love old keys, her collection is impressive. Reminds me of wandering through my favourite museum in London the V&A, they have an iron gallery which was always really quiet and had an amazing old key collection so pretty, and intriguing, what do they open??? (pic source: https://twitter.com/#!/thekatvond/media/slideshow?url=http%3A%2F%2Finstagr.am%2Fp%2FI72vX9lSTZ%2F)

  • Been remembering my love of 90's British Art when watching documentaries about the new Damien Hirst retrospective at Tate Modern.  Find out about the exhibition details here. I wrote my BA dissertation on Damien Hirst's student shows.  Ugh, this is yet another one of those times when I really wish I still lived in London, or maybe that it was just a bit nearer and cheaper to get there. (Pic source: http://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-modern/exhibition/damien-hirst)
  • Been getting my woolly hat and mittens out again and switching on the electric blanket! What is WITH the weather?  I actually fake tanned my legs last week in anticipation of possibly having to show them off, but thank god it turned cold again and I am safe for a while longer in my 100 deniers!
  • Been purchasing our Solfest tickets and getting crazy excited! Solfest is a local festival here in Cumbria, but actually grows bigger every year and has some pretty decent bands playing, The Duke Spirit, one of my very faves, being one of them.  I haven't been to a festival properly in years, so I am sure nearer the time I will be a bit anxious about not washing for 4 days, not to mention the nightmares I will be having about festival toilets, but I'm determined I'm not too old for festivals yet (we shall see...) (Pic Source and festival details: http://www.solfest.org.uk/)

5 April 2012


This week has been rather an expensive one for present buying, but I love choosing pressies for other people nearly as much as buying pressies for myself! haha.

My amazing Sister spent soooo long making over my blog, and I love it so much I thought she deserved a little surprise, so I sent her a few little pressies in the post, but the best one was this...
This was my very first purchase from Etsy, and the lady I bought it from could not have been nicer or more helpful, check out her shop here http://www.etsy.com/shop/GinisBoutique

It was also my Grandma's 92nd birthday and my Dad's birthday, here is what I got my Dad...

He loves old railways, so I am sure this DVD will be perfect.  I also got him a little Airfix model, I bought him one for Christmas last year to start him off with a new hobby and he really enjoyed doing it, so hopefully this will be the start of a good little collection.

3 April 2012


I am starting a new blog series today called SONGS.  These tunes deserve a capitalised title cos they are so good! Every now and again I will pick an amazing new (to me) discovery or one of my all time faves to share.  Hope you enjoy this one...

Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans

2 April 2012

The week's nails...

This week I decided to go for something a little different with my nails.  These are so simple yet look really good.  I have already had quite a few compliments.  I used my new very favourite Barry M in Indigo as the base colour then applied 2 coats of a very old glitter polish.  (I'm sorry I have no idea where it is from, it is not branded as far as I can see). I love the ones with big bits of glitter, they look really effective and I like to use a few coats to ensure you get loads of glittery bits.  Always finish off a glittery polish look with a coat of clear, this 'locks' in the glitter bits so they don't stick out and catch on clothes etc, plus it's good for me as I can't pick the glitter bits off when I'm bored!

1 April 2012

This week I have mostly...

  • Been discovering this AMAZING blog http://catversushuman.blogspot.co.uk/ and getting lost in it giggling to myself for many hours! If you have cats check it out, oh how you will laugh!
  • Been helping Marky pick out a tree for his little garden. It's a crab apple tree, and it's very cute and small at the moment. I think it should have a name...
  •  Been loving Homeland. It isn't really my usual type of programme, but I am hooked now.  I do love Claire Danes of course, she was in yet another one of my all time fave shows, the incredible My So Called Life.  There was only ever one series, but I wanted to be Angela Chase so much, and I still get wibbly over Jordan Catalano (swoon!).