10 April 2012

I Love My City - Solitary Walk in Rickerby Park

I LOVE my new job, I also LOVE my city!  So on Thursday I was literally kicked out of work early because everybody wanted to start their Easter weekend. I wasn't going to complain, but I did have some time to kill as I was going to a friend's house after work so I thought as it was a beautiful day I would take myself for a walk through the park.  Rickerby Park is amazing, we are so lucky in Carlisle to have a place like this.  It is more like countryside than an inner city park, and sheep and cows graze here too, imagine seeing cows in Hyde Park in London, it would be so odd!  There is also a river running through the middle where my dog Kara and I like to paddle on our walks.  But what amazes me most about this beautiful park is the fact it is so quiet! The place is so big, and at certain times of the day you will not bump into another person.  I used to live in London, and having a park to yourself was unheard of.  It really is a perfect place to take yourself for a walk on a sunny spring afternoon.

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