30 April 2012

This month... April

I really like reading other bloggers' monthly review posts and I thought it would be fun to start a new series of my own.  It is nice to look back and take stock of the things you have enjoyed, been grateful for, new things discovered and things you have achieved.  So this was my April...

Movies/TV Shows
Girls, I’m only a couple of episodes in but it seems like it is going to be a new favourite. • Californication, I have just discovered this on Netflix, and have watched about 3 series already this month (I watch too much TV), It’s a BIT rude, and it’s like each episode they try and out-do themselves with the rudeness, but it’s quite funny too. • The Help, I loved this movie, made me cry buckets! • Homeland, I didn’t think I would like this at first, but I am hooked, and obviously I am a MASSIVE fan of Angela Chase! • 2 Broke Girls, another new one, also very funny!

New Blogs Discovered

Things That Made Me Smile
Seeing all the bluebells popping up everywhere. • Getting Solfest tickets and planning our fancy dress costumes. • Fresh new copies of Mollie Makes. • Re-discovering my motivation for exercise. • A Friend’s lovely pregnancy news. • Wild Primroses on lovely country walks. • Cute lambs playing in the fields (isn’t Spring great!). • My new job. • My grandma getting better. • The little bird’s nest in the tree in my garden. • Being able to see my dad and dog at lunch times. • Pinterest.

Going on my own to a work conference and actually ‘networking’. Finally getting my blog in order and planning and organising future posts properly. Going on a long bike ride on my own. Got into a good exercise routine. Eating more healthy and planning proper meals. Organising and sorting my many computer files into some usable, logical manner. • Being a responsible grown up and sorting out my pension (gosh how dull!). • Giving blood.

Thanks April! it has been a pretty month with baby animals and flowers shooting up everywhere.  What will May have in store...?


  1. I love this post Jo! Very nice idea.... ;D

    and your photo! you did it! :D

    Jen xx

  2. Oh my.. How good is 'Girls', though? I'm hooked! April looks full of achievements.. Including a very beautiful blog.



  3. Thank you very much Helen for your kind comments, it means a lot. Girls is looking like it is going to be a new fave for sure! I'm just off to check out your blog now... Jo x


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