1 April 2012

This week I have mostly...

  • Been discovering this AMAZING blog http://catversushuman.blogspot.co.uk/ and getting lost in it giggling to myself for many hours! If you have cats check it out, oh how you will laugh!
  • Been helping Marky pick out a tree for his little garden. It's a crab apple tree, and it's very cute and small at the moment. I think it should have a name...
  •  Been loving Homeland. It isn't really my usual type of programme, but I am hooked now.  I do love Claire Danes of course, she was in yet another one of my all time fave shows, the incredible My So Called Life.  There was only ever one series, but I wanted to be Angela Chase so much, and I still get wibbly over Jordan Catalano (swoon!).

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