22 April 2012

This week...

I have discovered the ridiculously cute and funny little cartoons by Gemma Correll.  You can check out all her work on her blog here http://gemma-correll.blogspot.co.uk. I giggle every time I hear the word spork or indeed see a spork,  and I don't quite know why!? So this cartoon, as you can imagine, had me in stitches!
Picture ©Gemma Correll

I found this little patch of bluebells on my walk to work and just generally been noticing bluebells everywhere.  They are one of my very favourite flowers, I love wild flowers the most.  It makes me smile when I see them.

I heard the word 'Jubilympics' and I still cannot stop laughing about it. I believe it originated from this TV programme (video above). What is it about words that are made up of two words that tickle me so much? I really do have a simple sense of humour! I love the way that Jessica Stevenson says it on this clip, gosh she is funny.  Will have to check out more of this programme actually...

I watched The Help this week http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1454029/ and cried a LOT! Really good film, check it out.

Well I am off to Asda to do some food shopping now, such a crazy life I do lead!
Have a good Sunday! x

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