27 April 2012

This week...

Well hellooooo Friday! wuhu! This week has seemed really long!

I have had a little re-organise on the blog and I have decided to move 'This week' to a Friday and taken the decision not to blog at the weekends.  I do really want to keep my posts consistent, so my many MILLIONS of readers know when to expect updates! ha! But I was just finding it a bit of a struggle to post 7 days a week, so if I cut down to five, hopefully I will have some better content.  I've also started a little blog planner journal to help me map out my ideas, we shall see how it works out...

So this week...
  1. I've been dreaming about new dresses again, and not only is today Friday but also payday, so I guess I will HAVE to go shopping tomorrow, oh what a chore! (Dresses and pic source from here.
  2. I have discovered Girls the new TV show about a group of girls living in New York.  Sounds familiar but it's like the opposite of Sex and the City, they are all poor, live in dingy apartments and are struggling to find jobs.  But there seems to be lots of discussions about boys, so I guess some things are the same, hehe!
  3. I loved this post on Elycia's blog.  Sometimes there is nothing better than pictures of cats to make me smile.  I commented on the post and I was so excited because Elycia actually replied! I have been reading blogs for quite a while now and my fave bloggers have become like celebrities to me, so I was super happy about the reply. (SAD!)
  4. We have been having brainstorming sessions about costume ideas for Solfest, a local music festival we are going to in August.  They have a big fancy dress party and this year the theme is characters from Roald Dahl books.  So far, I am quite keen on going as a Wonka bar, the more silly I can look the better, I say!
  5. Also this week I took myself off for a perfect evening bike ride in the countryside.  I was out longer than anticipated and decided I would try and go as fast as I could, my legs were like jelly when I finally got off my bike.  But the best thing was that a deer ran out in front of me, you don't see them every day.
I hope you have a lovely Friday and fun packed weekend. x

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