26 April 2012

What Should I Wear?

I always decide my outfits for the following day the night before. Yes, OK so I am a bit of an anal, over organised freak but that's just what makes me happy! I like my mornings to be leisurely and I know if I am trying on a million outfits in front of the mirror all stressed it will put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day!  I don't care if some people don't get it and think being interested in clothes and how you look is shallow, it really does have a huge impact on my mood and self esteem. I am not a happy person if I don't not feel happy with the way I am dressed.

So whilst setting out my outfit for tomorrow I thought I could photograph it and blog about it, having been inspired recently by the way Jen and Elsie have done outfit posts.  I am a little too shy to do an outfit post where I am actually wearing the clothes, and don't currently have the equipment. (Hopefully new camera soon, and again apologies over poor photo quality!)

This is one of my very favourite dresses which I like to wear with thick black opaques, a black cardy and trusty black brogues.  Of course I need a Tatty Devine to go with it and this red Joanne in drippy blood lettering is perfect.

Hope you like it! x

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