31 May 2012


A beautiful song to enjoy today...

Regina Spektor - Samson.

30 May 2012

This Week's Nails...

This week's nails are red and sparkly! I don't often like my nails just plain red, even though it is one of my absolute favourite colours it just seems so 'normal' for a nail colour! hehe.  I prefer them green or blue or fluorescent, something that is a little bit odd.  So I decided to make the red a little more interesting by adding glitter.  I used quite a few glitter coats to get them super glittery.

29 May 2012

A Few Recent Pins...

I have been pinning quite a few new things onto my 'Amazing Art' board on Pinterest so I thought I would share a few pretty pictures here.

My favourite type of art is illustration, I love these little drawings, so pretty.  They really inspire me to get drawing and painting, but I will never have the effortless skill of these ladies!

The drawings above are by Kelsey Garrity Riley and the ones below are by Julianna Swaney. Be sure to check out their blogs!

I also could not resist pinning these little guys to my Cute board. Awwwwww!!!!

1. www.zooborns.com
2. - 4. www.dailymail.co.uk
5. www.tumblr.com (no specific original link sorry!)

28 May 2012

Outdoor Adventures - Evening River Walk

As the weather has been so beautiful, we took advantage and went for a lovely evening walk one night last week.

We were just intending to go for a little stroll along the river, but we ended up being out for hours, and getting back at bedtime! But it was a lovely walk, so very worth it.

Marky enjoyed skimming stones, I enjoyed getting humorous photos of him skimming stones!

We decided to walk along to the new bypass and new bridge and see if we could get over the bridge and walk back along the other side of the river.

We got to the bridge, but we were pretty confused to discover there is a lovely path underneath the bridge but no way to get up and over the bridge to walk across to the other side, random!

We ended up having to climb up a steep bank and climbing over walls to get on the bridge.  I hate walks were you have to go back the way you came!  We then had to walk along main roads on the way back, but it was about 10pm by this point so really quiet.

Was a lovely walk and nice to be out on a sunny evening.

25 May 2012

This week...

OMG! HOW much do I want one of these amazing tiaras? Of course they are by the one and only Tatty Devine, who else! Pictures are copied from the Tatty Devine Pinterest page and you can purchase them from the Selfridge's Big British Shop. There are soooo many cool things on there, yet another one of those many times when I wish I still lived in London so I could visit for real. Ho hum!

Tatty Devine have a blog too, of course they do! Check it out here... http://www.tattydevine.com/blog/ Have I mentioned that I like Tatty Devine a wee bit? hehe!

I cannot describe how jealous I am of all the bloggers who live in London and who got to meet Meredith (One Sheepish Girl) She is on holiday and arranged a little tea party for her followers, such a nice idea. http://onesheepishgirl.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/lets-plan-london-get-together.html She tweeted the photo yesterday. http://instagr.am/p/LA-IAEA4lY/

I discovered this blog http://wishwishwish.net/ and this blog http://www.shinythoughts.net/ they are both so pretty! They have also just launched a proper print magazine, which is very exciting! I love blogging but I think I must confess that I love print magazines way more.  I have a small (ok HUGE) magazine addiction so I cannot wait to get my copy. 
Buy it here... http://wishmagazine.bigcartel.com/

last weekend was fun and packed, Saturday we looked round house auctions and second hand stores for vintage furniture for Mark's house, I love those places, you never know what you are going to find. I had to exercise restraint though, saw some nice things I would like in my teeny flat, but they just simply would not fit!  We then went to B&Q for DIY supplies, then pub and Club Rock, yeah!  Sunday was spent doing some gardening because it was super sunny.

It has been sooo sunny this week, the lovely weather always makes people so much more smiley, yeah! Mark and I took the opportunity to go for a lovely evening stroll, which turned into a bit of an epic walk, check next week for a full blog post and pics! 

Well looks like the amazing weather is going to last a wee while so I think the entire weekend should be spent outside making the most of it, because lets face it it will be back to bobbly hats and scarves before we know it (oooh I'm such an optimist arn't I! hehe).

Hope you are out doing something fabulous in the sun this weekend! x

24 May 2012

This Week's Nails...

I got a bit creative with my dotting tools this week and decided to go for multi-coloured!

My top tip for using dotting tools to make a perfect, even dot is to pour out a small amount of varnish onto a scrap piece of paper and roll the dotting tool in that rather than dipping it into the bottle.  I find that dipping it into the bottle you cannot control how much paint you get on it as well.

Have you posted any pics of your nails on your blog?  Send me a link, I would love to see them.

23 May 2012

Crochet Granny Square

This weekend I taught myself to crochet and I made a granny square!  You can tell how proud I am of it from all the photos! hehe. 

I learnt from YouTube videos, they really are the best thing for teaching you how to do things.  It is impossible to teach yourself to crochet from a book, so complicated, I need someone to take me through and show me step by step.  The video I used is here. So thank you American lady for teaching me to crochet.

I actually made a few squares and took them out and started again just to make sure I could do it.  I can do it without watching the video now, wuhu!

I have no idea what I am going to make with my square, but I figure I might just  keep making them and eventually end up with a blanket?  That would be good. (Need to learn how to finish it off and join them together first though...)

I highly recommend crochet, so much easier and quicker than knitting! I do love knitting, but I get a bit frustrated with it and it never turns out perfect, but as you can see above my little square turned out great! I didn't mess up any stitches. (Smug face!)

22 May 2012

Honest post...

Honest posts seem to be the in thing in blogging at the moment, so I thought I would do a little one myself...

At the age of 31, I CANNOT DRIVE!

There I said it, phew! I am rather embarrassed about this fact and think I have put it off for far too long.  The main reason I have not learnt is quite frankly I am petrified. I have had lessons, but they went really badly and my instructor was scary and shouted at me, he didn't seem to like me crying in his car!

But  I am absolutely determined that I want to start again, I know it is one of those essential life skills to have and should I ever be able to afford to purchase and run one of those lovelies above it will give me a lot more freedom.  I need to face up to the things that scare me most, it's character building etc etc! So I vow to start up my lessons again at the end of this month! eek! If they go well I shall let you all know my progress, and should I chicken out I will not mention this again, and hope that this post gets forgotten about! haha!

What are you afraid and rather embarrassed to admit about yourself?  Come on, get it out, I feel better now!

Jo x

(Pics: ©Ford, Smart and Fiat)

21 May 2012

Style Crush - Michelle Williams

I have wanted to be Michelle Williams since she first stepped foot in Capeside, she was so much cooler than Joey and got the prettier boys (of course Joey got THE bestest boy in the end Pacey - swoon!)

I have loved her in every film role she has done since Dawson's, and she just gets better and better. It's quite amazing to think now, as such a big star, that she started on a teen drama! And she was robbed, ROBBED of the Oscar this year!

Wow, the bestest accessory EVER! A Ryan Gosling on your arm!

My favourite dress on the page has to be the yellow one she wore for the Oscars when nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Brokeback Mountain, wow, she looked stunning.  However, I do think overall I prefer her off duty, laid back style best.

(All Pics from:http://www.look.co.uk/)

I ♥ Jen forever! RIP!

18 May 2012

This week...

The bestest thing about this week was that Marky came home! He has been in London, for what seemed like forever, so I was super smiley to see him.

Ouissi announced the launch of a new biscuit cushion line on her blog http://britishcreamtea.blogspot.co.uk/ HOW amazing are they? I am saving up for one! You can buy them from her main website... http://britishcreamtea.co.uk/

I discovered this amazing dress! How pretty is it! You probably can't tell from my picture, but check it out on the website... here and you will notice it's got tiny pencil shavings all over it, how cool! But also like the day after I found this, Kaylah wrote this post where she is wearing a dress with the same print! What a coincidence. Can't wait to purchase this little lovely on pay day.

I discovered a new very favourite blog, Esme and The Laneway and she has shot straight to the top of my regular read list. HOW pretty are all her outfits, gosh I would kill for her wardrobe! I also sorted out all my regular read blogs and started following them all on Bloglovin.  It makes it so much easier to keep track of new posts, I highly reccommend it.  I am on Bloglovin, if you would like to follow The Perfect Hiding Place just click on the Bloglovin link on my right hand side bar. 

Are you on Bloglovin too? Do leave me a comment with your blog URL and I will be sure to follow you.

Blogging made me smile sooo much this week, I seem to have picked up quite a few new followers, started to get regular comments on my posts, found new twitter friends and just generally had some really nice feedback.  I cannot tell you how much this makes me smile, fellow bloggers really are so lovely!  I made this little blog just as a new hobby for me, it really amazes me that people actually read it.  Please do not be shy to say hello, I love meeting fellow bloggers and finding lovely new blogs to read.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, I'm praying for sunny weather so I can get out and do a nice long walk or a bike ride. x

17 May 2012

I Love My City - Trip to Carlisle Castle

I had lunch with my friend Ailsa this weekend, and she suggested a trip to Carlisle Castle. Yeah, I thought! I have lived in Carlisle most of my life, yet probably only been to our amazing Castle a handful of times, and it must have been years since the last time I went! Ailsa and I commented how bad it is that you never do the touristy things in your own home town.  But having seen the Castle again it makes me have a new appreciation of how fantastic our city of Carlisle really is!

It was great to go with Ailsa becuase she loves castles as much as me!

I got a bit carried away taking pictures, but look how pretty it is.  We were very lucky to find a day when it was not raining! It literally rained everyday last week, grr!

Look carefully at the bottom right hand pic, I snapped a ghost! freaky! (hehe)

16 May 2012

Favourite Dresses - Part 2

Last week I posted pics of two of my favourite dresses, I photographed four dresses that day, so here are the other two...

Again these are both quite old, so they will no longer be in the shops, however I think I got them both from here... www.dorothyperkins.com.

15 May 2012

This week's nails...

This week's nails are just green, plain old green.  I rather think of this colour as my signature nail colour, I LOVE it! I was actually hunting for the perfect green nail varnish for years, bright primary school green being my absolute favourite colour ever! You simply could not get bright green nail varnish anywhere up until a couple of years ago and then it seemed to come into fashion, I have stocked up just in case it goes out of fashion again! hehe.

This is Barry M, Spring Green and can be purchased here... http://www.barrym.com/nail-paints

14 May 2012

Crafty Advenutes - Curtains

Last week, on my week off, I was in a crafty mood so I decided to make some curtains.  I have been wanting new curtains for all the windows of my little flat since I moved in because as you can see in the first 2 pictures above, they were beige! BEIGE! I am NOT a beige person, ew!

I decided to be extra thrifty and use up some old bed sheets that I no longer used on my bed to make the curtains.  The sheets are quite stiff horrible cotton so don't make very nice bedding, but because they are quite heavy cotton perfect for curtains I thought.

The pictures above show my curtain progress with the finished product on the last picture.  (Just wish I had a better camera to take better pics, sorry, but hope you can vaguely see what they are like). And how cute is my pin cushion mousey? aw!

I also made a teeny curtain for the teeny window in my bedroom.  Again I used an old sheet, but as it was just plain I decided in needed some button embellishment, everything looks better with buttons sewn on right?

I feel rather proud of myself for finally getting round to that little project and my little flat now looks so much better and much more 'me'. x

11 May 2012

This week...

It was the Tatty Devine Sample Sale this week, so of course I could not resist a little something!  Not only were the items cheap, but there were loads of things from older collections which you cannot buy anymore.  I loved these bees years ago, and was jealous when my sister got one, but now I own one too, wuhu! 

Another exciting thing about the sale was that I tweeted about it and Tatty Devine re-tweeted my tweet! HOW exciting! This truly does make me happy! hehe.  If you would like to follow me on Twitter I'm @perfecthiding.

It was the Met Ball this week, so the newspapers were full of pictures of amazing dresses, yeah.  Who wants to read depressing, horrible news when you can daydream about ball gowns. 
Pic Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2141081/Met-Ball-2012-Jessica-Alba-Sofia-Vergara-compete-outshine-rest-lavish-Met-Gala.html

The new Mollie Makes landed on my doormat, I can't tell you how big a smile this magazine puts on my face.  It is soooo pretty and makes me want to get sewing.
Pic Source: http://molliemakes.themakingspot.com/

Emily Martin, aka The Black Apple, shared the sweetest little sketch, which is for a new book.  I love Emily's drawings, they are so pretty.
Pic Source:  http://theblackapple.typepad.com/inside_a_black_apple/2012/05/best-method-of-transit.html

And the BEST thing about this week is that I have been off work! wuhu! I decided to take a week off and do absolutely nothing at all.  I didn't want to make any plans and just relax and do some little crafty projects and some spring cleaning in my little flat.  It has been lovely and relaxing. I'm a little disappointed the weather has been so poo, it has just not stopped raining, so I haven't been out for any nice walks or bike rides, but I have got tons done inside.  I will share some little craft projects next week.

Hope you have had a lovely week too! x

10 May 2012


The Distillers - The Young Crazed Peeling

I LOVE Brody! how F-ing cool is she???
Ah, now this is a SONG! from sooooo long ago...sigh.

9 May 2012

Nail Varnish Obsession!

I have a wee bit of a thing for nail varnish! I just counted them whilst I put them away after photographing and I have 61 bottles! I don't think I have had bare nails since I was about 14.  Consequently they are slightly yellow and split very easily, ew, but WHO cares! I just paint them again.

I keep my collection in a basket, just all thrown in, which is probably not the best way to keep them really.  I noticed some on the bottom have gone a bit leaky and goopy.  I lust after Kaylah's organised collection http://daintysquid.blogspot.co.uk/2011/11/gratuitous-nail-polish-collection.html

I like my nails bright as you can probably tell from the colours, but my all time absolute fave has to be my Spring Green by Barry M, which can be seen in the top right just above.  Barry M are by far my favourite brand, first and foremost because they are against animal testing and that is very important to me, secondly they have such amazing colours, really vibrant, thirdly they dry really quickly and don't smudge and lastly they are really cheap, what more could you want? You can buy Barry M here http://www.barrym.com/.

8 May 2012

Favourite Dresses

I have just spent an afternoon sorting out my wardrobes (yes I have two!) I hate throwing clothes away.  I do have way too many and really only wear a small fraction of them, however when I am feeling poor I love to have a massive wardrobe clear out and re-discover old things that have got shoved to the back and been long forgotten about, it's like getting something new (sort of!) Just because I might not want to wear them now doesn't mean I won't in the future. I did find a couple of things that I am going to give to charity though!

As I was putting my collection of dresses away, I thought it would be nice to photograph a few and show them on the blog.  So here are the first few pictures of a couple of my favourite dresses.  Both dresses are at least 3/4 years old so it would be pointless stating purchase details.  However I think the blue bow one, as stated in the label, was from the brand Purple, which you can buy Here and the greeny purpley flowery one is from River Island, you can visit their website Here.

Well I'm off to start on the chests of drawers...

7 May 2012

This week's nails...

This week I am STILL obsessed with my dotting tools!

4 May 2012

A late addition...

I have just watched this, and I just HAD to share! So a bit of a late addition to 'This week...' I frigging LOVE these guys, dam they are inspiring and sooooo sooooo very cool! I love how shy and self deprecating they come across too. Here are Rosie Wolfenden and Harriet Vine, otherwise known as Tatty Devine giving a talk about their business. www.tattydevine.com

Have a lovely weekend.

Jo x

This week...

The Mollie Makes blog did a feature just on buttons! I am obsessed by anything about or to do with buttons.  Look how pretty they are, ah....

I discovered the amazing graphic design talent of Lydia Leith.  She is also from my home town!  I happen to be obsessed with anything Royal, so her Jubilee tattoos and giant jelly moulds of The Queen's head will be simply perfect for my Jubilee party, I can't wait!
Check out Lydia's stuff on her website... http://www.lydialeith.com/

You simply can never have enough polka dot dresses, and this one new in at Dorothy Perkins this week is soooo pretty. www.dorothyperkins.com

I enjoyed reading this list Turning 30: 30 Things Every Woman Should Have And Should Know which was on a link from www.sometimessweet.com/. At 31 I'm actually not doing too bad, and can cross most of these off, wuhu! I do enjoy reading these, but I never take them too seriously. You can't measure your successes in life from some silly magazine article but sometimes they are a bit of fun.

I also loved http://scathingly-brilliant.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/ten-ways-to-fix-bad-day.html.  These list type posts really do appeal to me and always seem to get me feeling inspired and smiling. I have a similar list of things that are always guaranteed to make me smile.  It's important to get to know yourself well enough so that you recognise triggers that make you sad and those small things that will make you happy again.  They really can work!

Well I have to get an early night tonight so I am ready and in full fighting mode to battle the hoards tomorrow morning at the online Tatty Devine SAMPLE SALE! www.tattydevine.com SCREeeeeeaaaaam! x

3 May 2012

Handwritten Letters

I have had penpals since I was little, there used to be a penpal service run through schools where they matched you with people of the same age in different countries.  I wrote to my penpals in Australia and Portugal for years, and it actually makes me sad to think I have lost touch with them now.

I do, however, still write to a few people. When I moved away from an old job I stayed in touch with a friend solely through handwritten letters and I also write to another friend from when I recently worked down in London.

I love the internet, I'm on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, I obviously blog, and must check my emails several times per day, but there is nothing quite like seeing a handwritten letter on the doormat! They take effort, and you can get so many pretty stationary sets and you can draw pictures.  Handwritten letters are just more personal. When I was at uni I used to write to my friends back home and my Sister and I used to find cute little things to send to each other (we now email each other links, hehe!) They really did used to brighten up my day, in fact they still do.  I have kept every letter (from friends, not like bills and boring ones!) I have received in at least the last 10 years and I love nothing better than going through them and I cherish the memories they bring.  I do cringe at the thought that my penfriends have kept all my letters over the years, eek, the horrors I must have winged and moaned about! hehe.

Right I am off to write with a pen on some paper.... do you have penfriends? I would love to hear your stories. x

2 May 2012

Hero - Wallis Simpson

I have always been fascinated by the story of Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII, well to be honest I am fascinated by anything to do with royalty!  But there was something about this particular story that has stayed which me and intrigued me.  I began to read more and more and watched anything I could find on the subject. I found myself sympathising with Wallis Simpson, so much so that she is now on my heroes list, and she is first here in my new blog series.

"During those months of waiting she made up her mind that as far as lay in her power she would make the Duke happy, it would be her life's work from now on."
"He fell deeply, obsessively and permanently in love with her; it happened gradually and once it had happened he remained in love with her until the day he died"  
 Quotations from The Duchess of Windsor by Diana Mosley

These quotes are a lot to do with why I like Wallis so much. Ok, so they might be by a good friend of theirs but through reading many other sources I do honestly believe Wallis loved Edward and theirs was a great love story.  I am a bit of a soppy romantic! 

Wallis deserves to be on my hero list because firstly she was a normal middle class woman that married a prince, and obviously an inspiration to us all! Haha! She was a style icon, she was a strong woman and not afraid to follow her heart. Yes Edward gave up the throne for her but she gave up any hope of a normal life, she was hounded by the press, who printed very hurtful things, and was hated by the whole country.

If you would like to find out more about her...

Or check out one of these...

  1. The latest film, I LOVED it, but frankly I would love any film about her! (I skip over the fact it was directed randomly by Madonna, not the biggest fan!) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1536048/
  2. An old film, but this one has a lot to do with why I found myself liking her so much. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0451265/
  3. A very interesting read, but a somewhat biased point of view written by a good friend of theirs. http://www.amazon.co.uk/That-Woman-Simpson-Duchess-Windsor/dp/0297858963/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1335808781&sr=8-1
  4. A new book which provides a more balanced viewpoint.  (There are so many biographies on Wallis, but this is one of the best and most well respected)  http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Duchess-Windsor-A-Memoir/dp/1908096144/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1335808831&sr=8-3

All photos on this post (aside from those otherwise stated above) are from http://www.npg.org.uk/

1 May 2012


This is a band I have loved for ages, and was completely blown away when I first heard this song, it remains one of my absolute faves.  I am super excited to be seeing them live again this Summer at Solfest.

Enjoy.... The Duke Spirit - Love is an Unfamiliar Name