23 May 2012

Crochet Granny Square

This weekend I taught myself to crochet and I made a granny square!  You can tell how proud I am of it from all the photos! hehe. 

I learnt from YouTube videos, they really are the best thing for teaching you how to do things.  It is impossible to teach yourself to crochet from a book, so complicated, I need someone to take me through and show me step by step.  The video I used is here. So thank you American lady for teaching me to crochet.

I actually made a few squares and took them out and started again just to make sure I could do it.  I can do it without watching the video now, wuhu!

I have no idea what I am going to make with my square, but I figure I might just  keep making them and eventually end up with a blanket?  That would be good. (Need to learn how to finish it off and join them together first though...)

I highly recommend crochet, so much easier and quicker than knitting! I do love knitting, but I get a bit frustrated with it and it never turns out perfect, but as you can see above my little square turned out great! I didn't mess up any stitches. (Smug face!)


  1. That's a super neat granny square! :-)

  2. to finish is easy Jo! cut the wool and pull the end thru your loop, keep pulling till its tight then sew the end in or just use your hook to hide it in the square (by pulling it thru the loops a few times)

    And the best bit is you can actually crochet your squares together! mum x


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