14 May 2012

Crafty Advenutes - Curtains

Last week, on my week off, I was in a crafty mood so I decided to make some curtains.  I have been wanting new curtains for all the windows of my little flat since I moved in because as you can see in the first 2 pictures above, they were beige! BEIGE! I am NOT a beige person, ew!

I decided to be extra thrifty and use up some old bed sheets that I no longer used on my bed to make the curtains.  The sheets are quite stiff horrible cotton so don't make very nice bedding, but because they are quite heavy cotton perfect for curtains I thought.

The pictures above show my curtain progress with the finished product on the last picture.  (Just wish I had a better camera to take better pics, sorry, but hope you can vaguely see what they are like). And how cute is my pin cushion mousey? aw!

I also made a teeny curtain for the teeny window in my bedroom.  Again I used an old sheet, but as it was just plain I decided in needed some button embellishment, everything looks better with buttons sewn on right?

I feel rather proud of myself for finally getting round to that little project and my little flat now looks so much better and much more 'me'. x


  1. Cool! So much better to make your own if you are handy with the sewing machine- and makes it all the more individual. Nice blog too!

  2. I am also making curtains with out bedsheets and also with the same sewing machine :-) They look great!


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