16 May 2012

Favourite Dresses - Part 2

Last week I posted pics of two of my favourite dresses, I photographed four dresses that day, so here are the other two...

Again these are both quite old, so they will no longer be in the shops, however I think I got them both from here... www.dorothyperkins.com.


  1. my my what a fabulous green dress! ;D

    Its from New Look though Jo, by Apricot. I have two!!

    Jen xx

  2. i love the bird print one. Anything with birds on i love :)


  3. Ooh, both of these dresses are so lovely & would look fantastic with a cute little denim jacket or striped cotton blazer!! Swooning!! xo veronika

    1. I'm so glad you like my dresses! Thank you for your comment. x


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