8 May 2012

Favourite Dresses

I have just spent an afternoon sorting out my wardrobes (yes I have two!) I hate throwing clothes away.  I do have way too many and really only wear a small fraction of them, however when I am feeling poor I love to have a massive wardrobe clear out and re-discover old things that have got shoved to the back and been long forgotten about, it's like getting something new (sort of!) Just because I might not want to wear them now doesn't mean I won't in the future. I did find a couple of things that I am going to give to charity though!

As I was putting my collection of dresses away, I thought it would be nice to photograph a few and show them on the blog.  So here are the first few pictures of a couple of my favourite dresses.  Both dresses are at least 3/4 years old so it would be pointless stating purchase details.  However I think the blue bow one, as stated in the label, was from the brand Purple, which you can buy Here and the greeny purpley flowery one is from River Island, you can visit their website Here.

Well I'm off to start on the chests of drawers...

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