3 May 2012

Handwritten Letters

I have had penpals since I was little, there used to be a penpal service run through schools where they matched you with people of the same age in different countries.  I wrote to my penpals in Australia and Portugal for years, and it actually makes me sad to think I have lost touch with them now.

I do, however, still write to a few people. When I moved away from an old job I stayed in touch with a friend solely through handwritten letters and I also write to another friend from when I recently worked down in London.

I love the internet, I'm on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, I obviously blog, and must check my emails several times per day, but there is nothing quite like seeing a handwritten letter on the doormat! They take effort, and you can get so many pretty stationary sets and you can draw pictures.  Handwritten letters are just more personal. When I was at uni I used to write to my friends back home and my Sister and I used to find cute little things to send to each other (we now email each other links, hehe!) They really did used to brighten up my day, in fact they still do.  I have kept every letter (from friends, not like bills and boring ones!) I have received in at least the last 10 years and I love nothing better than going through them and I cherish the memories they bring.  I do cringe at the thought that my penfriends have kept all my letters over the years, eek, the horrors I must have winged and moaned about! hehe.

Right I am off to write with a pen on some paper.... do you have penfriends? I would love to hear your stories. x


  1. I wish I did. E-mails are so much less romantic.

    / Avy

  2. Thanks for your comment Avy, penpals are great. Do you have any friends who live far away? Just make a plan only to correspond through letters, it's really fun. I checked out your blog too, its lovely. Jo x

  3. I absolutely love handwritten letters too! There is seriously nothing better than the thrill when you get to your mailbox and see a letter waiting for you from a friend.

  4. I used to penpal and wish I'd get back into it sometimes!


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