17 May 2012

I Love My City - Trip to Carlisle Castle

I had lunch with my friend Ailsa this weekend, and she suggested a trip to Carlisle Castle. Yeah, I thought! I have lived in Carlisle most of my life, yet probably only been to our amazing Castle a handful of times, and it must have been years since the last time I went! Ailsa and I commented how bad it is that you never do the touristy things in your own home town.  But having seen the Castle again it makes me have a new appreciation of how fantastic our city of Carlisle really is!

It was great to go with Ailsa becuase she loves castles as much as me!

I got a bit carried away taking pictures, but look how pretty it is.  We were very lucky to find a day when it was not raining! It literally rained everyday last week, grr!

Look carefully at the bottom right hand pic, I snapped a ghost! freaky! (hehe)


  1. I am very ashamed to say that i have never been to the Castle… :-S And its such a beautiful building too xxxx

  2. Well I highly reccomend it! But I am a bit of a castle/history geek so perhaps biased! haha. It's nice to go on a sunny day (should we ever get one) lots of nice lawns to have picnics and hang out. x

  3. Loving the pics, great record of a fab day out!!

    I shall be sure to tell the girls at work tomorrow that we have a new resident ghost on film..... An Oakley wearing one :-) we need to do more of these trips..... Also got Lanercost and Brougham castle fairly close by too!! And one day I will get you to my Roman sites! X


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