9 May 2012

Nail Varnish Obsession!

I have a wee bit of a thing for nail varnish! I just counted them whilst I put them away after photographing and I have 61 bottles! I don't think I have had bare nails since I was about 14.  Consequently they are slightly yellow and split very easily, ew, but WHO cares! I just paint them again.

I keep my collection in a basket, just all thrown in, which is probably not the best way to keep them really.  I noticed some on the bottom have gone a bit leaky and goopy.  I lust after Kaylah's organised collection http://daintysquid.blogspot.co.uk/2011/11/gratuitous-nail-polish-collection.html

I like my nails bright as you can probably tell from the colours, but my all time absolute fave has to be my Spring Green by Barry M, which can be seen in the top right just above.  Barry M are by far my favourite brand, first and foremost because they are against animal testing and that is very important to me, secondly they have such amazing colours, really vibrant, thirdly they dry really quickly and don't smudge and lastly they are really cheap, what more could you want? You can buy Barry M here http://www.barrym.com/.

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