28 May 2012

Outdoor Adventures - Evening River Walk

As the weather has been so beautiful, we took advantage and went for a lovely evening walk one night last week.

We were just intending to go for a little stroll along the river, but we ended up being out for hours, and getting back at bedtime! But it was a lovely walk, so very worth it.

Marky enjoyed skimming stones, I enjoyed getting humorous photos of him skimming stones!

We decided to walk along to the new bypass and new bridge and see if we could get over the bridge and walk back along the other side of the river.

We got to the bridge, but we were pretty confused to discover there is a lovely path underneath the bridge but no way to get up and over the bridge to walk across to the other side, random!

We ended up having to climb up a steep bank and climbing over walls to get on the bridge.  I hate walks were you have to go back the way you came!  We then had to walk along main roads on the way back, but it was about 10pm by this point so really quiet.

Was a lovely walk and nice to be out on a sunny evening.

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