21 May 2012

Style Crush - Michelle Williams

I have wanted to be Michelle Williams since she first stepped foot in Capeside, she was so much cooler than Joey and got the prettier boys (of course Joey got THE bestest boy in the end Pacey - swoon!)

I have loved her in every film role she has done since Dawson's, and she just gets better and better. It's quite amazing to think now, as such a big star, that she started on a teen drama! And she was robbed, ROBBED of the Oscar this year!

Wow, the bestest accessory EVER! A Ryan Gosling on your arm!

My favourite dress on the page has to be the yellow one she wore for the Oscars when nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Brokeback Mountain, wow, she looked stunning.  However, I do think overall I prefer her off duty, laid back style best.

(All Pics from:http://www.look.co.uk/)

I ♥ Jen forever! RIP!

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