25 May 2012

This week...

OMG! HOW much do I want one of these amazing tiaras? Of course they are by the one and only Tatty Devine, who else! Pictures are copied from the Tatty Devine Pinterest page and you can purchase them from the Selfridge's Big British Shop. There are soooo many cool things on there, yet another one of those many times when I wish I still lived in London so I could visit for real. Ho hum!

Tatty Devine have a blog too, of course they do! Check it out here... http://www.tattydevine.com/blog/ Have I mentioned that I like Tatty Devine a wee bit? hehe!

I cannot describe how jealous I am of all the bloggers who live in London and who got to meet Meredith (One Sheepish Girl) She is on holiday and arranged a little tea party for her followers, such a nice idea. http://onesheepishgirl.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/lets-plan-london-get-together.html She tweeted the photo yesterday. http://instagr.am/p/LA-IAEA4lY/

I discovered this blog http://wishwishwish.net/ and this blog http://www.shinythoughts.net/ they are both so pretty! They have also just launched a proper print magazine, which is very exciting! I love blogging but I think I must confess that I love print magazines way more.  I have a small (ok HUGE) magazine addiction so I cannot wait to get my copy. 
Buy it here... http://wishmagazine.bigcartel.com/

last weekend was fun and packed, Saturday we looked round house auctions and second hand stores for vintage furniture for Mark's house, I love those places, you never know what you are going to find. I had to exercise restraint though, saw some nice things I would like in my teeny flat, but they just simply would not fit!  We then went to B&Q for DIY supplies, then pub and Club Rock, yeah!  Sunday was spent doing some gardening because it was super sunny.

It has been sooo sunny this week, the lovely weather always makes people so much more smiley, yeah! Mark and I took the opportunity to go for a lovely evening stroll, which turned into a bit of an epic walk, check next week for a full blog post and pics! 

Well looks like the amazing weather is going to last a wee while so I think the entire weekend should be spent outside making the most of it, because lets face it it will be back to bobbly hats and scarves before we know it (oooh I'm such an optimist arn't I! hehe).

Hope you are out doing something fabulous in the sun this weekend! x


  1. How sweet are the tiaras?!?! Who would have thought about putting a moustache on a tiara?!? Only Tatty Devine!!!!

    Your weekend sounds fab, how lovely is the weather…supposed to last until middle or next wk…or so i heard lol. Well thats what the two little old women were talking about in the tesco queue! So i am not packing away my tights yet…i have been enjoying eve bike rides and lazy days tho!!!

    Lotsv love xxx

    1. I know the tiaras are amazing! I think I want to cat one most, I'd so wear it to work! haha.

      I am really enjoing the weather too, been on lovely walks and bike rides, glad to hear it is going to last a wee while. The Tesco queue is really the BEST place to catch up on the important happenings in the world!

      Enjoy the weather (while is lasts) x


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