15 May 2012

This week's nails...

This week's nails are just green, plain old green.  I rather think of this colour as my signature nail colour, I LOVE it! I was actually hunting for the perfect green nail varnish for years, bright primary school green being my absolute favourite colour ever! You simply could not get bright green nail varnish anywhere up until a couple of years ago and then it seemed to come into fashion, I have stocked up just in case it goes out of fashion again! hehe.

This is Barry M, Spring Green and can be purchased here... http://www.barrym.com/nail-paints

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  1. Helloo, thanks so much for the follow, i am now following you too :) So nice to find a local blogging friend!! Didnt realise you were from here too, great guns!!!! I didnt get chance the other day, dont know where my time is going at the min, but i love your blog!!! Its really inspirational :)

    Stay in touch!
    Sal xxx


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