28 June 2012

Style Crush - Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is this month's Style Crush, if you have missed my previous crushes you can check them out here by the way!

Her style is so effortless, it sometimes looks like she has just thrown something together. She does seem to naturally have a unique sense of style.  Although I am sure I am just naive and she has a team of stylists! haha.

Even when she is in jeans and off duty she still looks ultra groomed with her full face of makeup and trademark red lips, and of course the black shades, she is so cool!

I always have trouble with outfits when I'm not at work, when I buy new clothes I tend to focus on work clothes.  Not having a huge budget I buy clothes I can get the most wear out of and sadly I spend more time at work than not!  I need to take a leaf out of Gwen's book and focus on being more stylish when not at work. (her budget would be nice, ooh and my own clothing line wouldn't hurt!)

What do you think of Gwen's style?

(all pics from www.look.co.uk)

27 June 2012


It was Radio 1 One Big Weekend last weekend, I went last year to the Carlisle one (wuhu) this year was in London, ugh, London, doesn't seem very fair when everything is in London, but hey ho...  I watched quite a few of the highlight shows on TV and thought it looked so good, they certainly had better weather than we did last year.

Check it out...

Florence & The Machine - Shake it Out, wow sounds awesome!

Didn't think I was the biggest Rihanna fan, but I watched all of her set on TV and it was great and I knew all the songs which was surprising, I must listen to the radio more than I thought!  Would have been good to have been there, bet the atmosphere was amazing!

26 June 2012

A Few Recent Pins...

Today I thought I would share some recent pins from my Looks Pinterest board.  This is probably my favourite board and has the most pins, I am obsessed with fashion and dresses and it is so much fun to collect pretty pictures here.  I love looking through them and dreaming of all the dresses being in my wardrobe...

Here are the details:

1. Eshakti
2. Alexander McQueen
3. Eshakti

4. Kiki's Boutique
5. Dorothy Perkins
6. ModCloth

7. ModCloth
8. Topshop
9. ModCloth

Soooo pretty, I can only dream! I think my fave has to be No. 6, it has acorns on it! ACORNS! I have a bit of an obsession with Oak trees (I actually have an Oak leaf permenantly etched into my arm to prove it! haha). Oh how I wish Modcloth had a UK website, it's just too expensive to arrange shipping to the UK, but every single one of the dresses on that site are amazing! Go check them out... http://www.modcloth.com/

What have you been pinning recently, leave me your Pinterest link, I love making new Pinterest pals!

Happy pinning! x

P.S. Happy Birthday Mum! (at least my Mum reads my blog! hehe)

25 June 2012

Outdoor Adventures - Floody Muddy Walk to Gelt Woods

On Saturday we went for a little walk to Gelt Woods, which is one of our favourite local places to walk.  It was really flooded, I haven't ever seen the river looking so wild as this, check out Mark trying to get some action shots, I was too scared to get that close!

We discovered some pretty great trees, I love this one (bottom left) growing out of the side of a cliff face, and this one (bottom right) is called Simon!  The recent stormy weather also caused a few casualties, I get so sad when I see dead trees, aw!

Some interesting details: pretty ferns, weird tree barnacles, ivy covering the ground, and a big fat slug!

These red sandstone cliffs are really historically interesting because they were used to carve the stones that went on to build Carlisle Castle, which is pretty impressive.  You can see the tool marks still in the rocks, and some old graffiti too.

I really enjoyed the walk, yeah it was a little flooded and super muddy (but I love jumping in muddy puddles in my pink wellies) but all the rain made the woods so green and pretty.

22 June 2012

This Week...

At the weekend we found the funniest little knitted dogs! They were hiding in an antique shop in amongst all the antiques, they were everywhere and were all different.  But the thing I loved about them was that they were, well not very good! (I can't talk I couldn't knit a dog!) but I think perhaps they were made to be a bit silly looking, one even had both it's ears falling off the side of it's face. I really wish I bought one now. When Sister Dearest and I were little, we would spend our pocket money on little deformed toys because we felt sorry for them, I do still totally slightly believe that my soft toys have feelings. (Oh dear, I'm 31 and still believe this and I still have soft toys! Who wants to be a grown up anyway! hehe.)

Sorry, couldn't help sharing this little guy! A friend posted this link on her FB page this week. OMG how cute! Check out more of his little baby animal friends here... http://www.buzzfeed.com/summeranne/25-perfectly-hand-sized-baby-animals

Yet again Gala's blog has been super inspiring and resonant this week.  Her post about ways to stop wasting time on the internet really made me look at how much time I waste online, eeek, like most of the evening, every evening!  I love the internet, and I love finding new inspiring blogs and websites to read but I really do need to spend more time on other things.  Check it out here... http://galadarling.com/article/100-things-to-do-instead-of-procrastinating-on-the-internet

I discovered a great new blog http://ashley-ringmybell.blogspot.co.uk/ go check it out, she is super cool! Ashley is an actress currently in Revenge which I am loving!

I LOVED Elycia's nails this week, check out her post here http://www.loveelycia.com/2012/06/what-i-wore-primary-colours.html. Primary colours are my faves, so I def need to somehow attempt to re-create these.  Thanks for the inspiration Elycia!

21 June 2012

Hero - Courtney Love

When I was in my teens Courtney Love was the coolest thing ever!  This was the 90's grunge era and I stomped about in DM boots, died my hair every colour under the sun and got called 'greeb' by the scally kids at school who so 'didn't get me!' haha. Ok so I probably haven't grown up much since then, it wasn't just a phase mum, I still love the same heavy music and really wish I wasn't too old to die my hair blue!

All I ever wanted to do was read articles in Melody Maker and the NME (remember the big newspaper ones!) about Kurt and Courtney and listen to Hole in my room over and over again.

Yeah ok, so she has had 'messy' phases but she remains one of my heroes to this day. When you read anything she has written or watch her being interviewed she is very intelligent and articulate underneath all the weird rantings!  She was a massive style icon back in the 90's, and a huge musical influence on girl fronted rock bands. She does what she wants, dresses how she wants, screams rather than sings, and doesn't give a f**k what anybody thinks! But really I love her because she is just such a rock star! She is the original female rock star (well of my generation anyway) and female rock musicians, who are as well respected as Courtney, unfortunately are few and far between.

If you would like to find out more...

Her official biography - Courtney Love: The Real Story, by Poppy Z Brite
Her diaries: Dirty Blonde: The Diaries of Courtney Love
IMDB Page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001482/

Also check out her band Hole, the best album is Live Through This, also check out Pretty on the Inside and My Body the Hand Grenade. She has brought out albums since these, but these are the classics!

All pics are from http://www.courtney-love.org/ where the original credit sources can be found. (Sorry about the quality, but it is a fan site and the pics have just been scanned in).

20 June 2012

'It's just a snail time of year!'

On Saturday at the beach when we were walking in the rain, we were amazed to discover that the path down from the little car park was over-run with snails! They were everywhere, and they were all such pretty colours and had such different patterned shells. 

I asked Mark why there were so many snails (he knows everything) and his answer was 'I guess it's just a snail time of year'! hehe, so I couldn't resist photographing a few...

I was so scared that I would step on one, there is nothing worse than hearing a crunch under your shoe to discover you have stepped on a snail, makes me want to cry!  Luckily I didn't step on any this time.

I also couldn't resist photographing this lonely little soggy Hairbell, they are one of my very faves.

19 June 2012

This Week's Nails...

I tried to do something a bit different this week.  I saw Kaylah's nails on Sunday and well, er copied them!  But I think they look really cool, just makes them a bit different having the gradients of colour.  I don't usually like painting each nail a different colour, it's a bit Dexter! haha.  But the subtle colour changes work well.

These are the colours I used...


18 June 2012

Outdoor Adventures - Rainy walk at the beach

It rained a lot on Saturday, surprise surprise! However we decided we wanted to be outside anyway, so we packed the waterproofs and wellies (well I did at least!) and set out for a rainy day walk at the beach.

We had lots of fun photographing 'treasure'.  The tide was out so we got to walk out really far.

Was a really lovely walk.  We had to have chips from the chippy of course, you have to if you go to the seaside, but we ended up eating them in the car because it was raining so much, how typically British!

15 June 2012

This Week...

I saw piglets!!!!!!!!!! PIGLETS! So I love any baby animals, well any animals really but I have a particular fondness for teeny ickle chubby piglets. How cute! (For those of you in or near Carlisle, they are at Dobbies Garden Centre go see, go see!)

Well I don't quite know how anything else this week could possibly top the piglets, but here is some other stuff that happened...

I really enjoyed Emma's post on A Beautiful Mess about her everyday make-up routine.  Everyone reads this blog right?  If you don't then you simply must! But this post was resonant this week with me because I'm really trying to break out of my usual make-up and try new things.  I think I need some make-up lessons though!  I was asked by a lady at work recently if I ever wear make-up (I had put a full face on that morning!) So I figure I need to do something a little different... (Pic source: http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/)

I really enjoyed Gala's post about choices.  I do really enjoy Gala's blog, it is so inspiring, she gives some really useful advice.  This post was all about how we have too many choices and how it makes us actually get less done.  Go read her tips to make your life more productive.  (Pic Source: www.galadarling.com)
I got a blog award!  The very lovely Miss Beatrix nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award and I am super grateful.  Thank you very much. Go check out her blog, it is really pretty, she shares my love of Beatrix Potter and she posted this week about Slyvanian Families, gosh I LOVED them when I was little.  My sis and I would spend hours creating little stories for them, remember dearest? hehe.

So, as Anna's post states, I need to follow the rules to accept this award, so here goes...

1. Add the award to your blog.
2. Thank the blogger(s) who gave it to you.
3. Mention 7 random things about yourself.
4. List the rules.
5. Award to 15 bloggers.
6. Inform each of those 15 by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 Random things about me...
  1. I am a mag'aholic and buy lots of trashy sleb magazines each month and can't seem to stop. 
  2. My toes are 'apparently' weird and freakishly bendy.
  3. I have a phobia of tissue.
  4. I used to get Christmas presents from The Queen.
  5. I am drawn to anything with polka dots and I'm super jealous of ladybirds!
  6. It's an alien concept to me to have the desire to eat an animal.
  7. I am finding writing 7 things about myself pretty difficult! haha.
I am awarding the following lovely bloggers...


These are in no particular order, I do genuinely love each and every one and they are on my daily reads list.  Go check them all out, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Happy Friday everyone! x

14 June 2012

Old Family Photos - Part 3

I haven't shared any old photos from my collection recently, so I thought it was about time.  Part 1 and part 2 have all been pictures of my Mum's Mum, but these ones today are my Dad's Mum.  Unfortunately I have not got as many pictures of Dad's Mum but these two, especially the little bottom one, are among my very favourites from the whole collection. 

I absolutely love the 20's/30's hats and the composition of this little photo, I only wonder what they were doing, a fun girly day out perhaps?  That's my grandma in the fore front by the way.  It is a shame that there is now a mark on the original photo that you can see here in this scan, but I guess all the little marks and creases give these little old photos their character.

Do you have any old photos of your family?  They are such a treasure aren't they! x

13 June 2012

This Week's Nails...

After my rather bright Jubilee nails last week I am in the mood for something a bit less garish!  I couldn't resist this new green shade on a recent food shopping trip to Asda, quite how these little treats get into my basket is a mystery to me!

The make is Rimmel and it is shade 700 Block Your Green.  It is an interesting colour, right now under the room lights it looks dark green but actually in daylight it is turquoisey, it is also very subtly glittery.  I think I have found a new fave! 

I will try for something more interesting next week....

12 June 2012

I Love my City... Trip to Student Art Exhibition

Last week my Sister and I visited the student art exhibitions at my work.  Was so much fun hanging out with my Sister, we share so many similar tastes and interests.  I am officially starting the campaign to get her to move back up North!

The Graphic Design students went crazy with boxes, looked sooo cool!

My favourite pieces in the whole exhibition were these little mushroom detail teeny cups.  The artist was inspired by Alice in Wonderland, you can check out her work here...http://jenimurtha.co.uk/

I am only wishing I took more photos of this exhibition now, I was very impressed with the awesome artistic talent, and somewhat jealous!

The exhibition closes tomorrow, so you still have chance to catch it if you want! http://www.cumbria.ac.uk/AboutUs/Subjects/ArtsHumanities/Exhibition2012/Home.aspx

11 June 2012

Outdoor Adventures - Grinsdale Bike Ride

Recently, when it was still sunny, we went for a lovely all day bike ride.  We didn't really have a destination and got a bit lost ish, but it was so much fun.  We discovered so many new lovely places.  The best place by far was the little village of Grinsdale and the teeny church tucked down a little grassy hidden lane.

I love an old overgrown churchyard, I think they are so pretty.  But the best thing about this one was the most amazing beech tree.  It is HUGE! it had so many knotty branches I could not stop staring at it.  To think how old it must be, wow! I snapped so many photos of it, these really do not do it justice in the slightest.  I am a bit obsessed with trees and love discovering new amazing ones.

8 June 2012

This week...

I discovered this website http://www.trollieddolly.com/. ALL the dresses are amazing! There is not one I would not wear.  And the site is based in the UK too!  I am certainly saving up for one of these beauties, but the huge problem is of course, which one to pick???

We went for a little drizzly river walk the other evening and all along the river there were beautiful wild flowers, it looked like a meadow, they were so tall and lined the length of the river bank, super pretty.

OK, so everyone is bored of Jubilee stuff now and I wouldn't ordinarily post pictures of Kate but I do think she looked amazing this week for the boaty thing.  This is by far my fave Kate outfit so far.
(Pic source www.dailymail.co.uk)

A friend and I went to an outlet shopping village this week, I could not resist going because I LOVE the Whittard shop there.  Their hand painted plates, cups and bowls are so pretty, I do love a polka dot!  I purchased the two bowls, I already have the red cup and saucer so just need to get the blue and the stripey ones now!  Get yours here... http://www.whittard.co.uk/

7 June 2012

Jubilee Crazy!

I admit it, I'm a HUGE royalist! I don't care if that's uncool or whatever, I just am.  So of course this weekend was the Diamond Jubilee and I had to do something!  I collected together the little party items above over the past week or so and then on Tuesday evening I had a little party.

Any excuse for baking huh! So I made crown shaped cookies (HOW amazing!) and red white and blue cupcakes, with red white and blue sprinkles and limited edition red white and blue M&M's!

I did my nails, of course! Yep, you guessed it, red white and blue! I attempted to paint little union jacks on them but they looked a bit crap so I went for dots.

And..... I made bunting!!! I left it too late to purchase some and the shops had all run out! Run out of bunting, the shock, the horror!  So I made some with lots of scraps from my material stash.  And they are meant to be raggy, I'm not that crap at sewing! They are imperfectly perfect bunting, hehe.  I purposefully made them un red white and blue so I could keep them up all year round, they do look fab across the roof beams in my little loft living room, if I do say so myself.

Did you do anything to celebrate the Jubilee?  leave me a link if you have any photos, I would love to see them. x

6 June 2012

This month... May

Goodness, it is already 6th June and I am just getting my May recap post out! oops! Been enjoying the long bank hol a little much... and forgot to blog!

So this was my May...

Movies/TV Shows
Avengers Assemble I actually went to the cinema to see this, felt like ages since last went.  I don't usually like 'boy' films but I do like comic book movies, they are not very serious, you know it's going to all end happily and there are usually love stories in them too! Like Crazy I liked this, I like soppy love stories, it was maybe a bit too subtle and strangely directed for my usual tastes though, but I liked the storyline. • Don't trust the B**** in Apartment 23 This is quite funny, I do appreciate all the Dawson references, they make me chuckle.   Suburgatory I love how Alicia Silverstone is playing a hippy health freak, such a departure for her! hehe.  I do love her though!    Chatsworth Really enjoyed this documentary series, it's really interesting to see behind the scenes.  I badly want to go back and visit!

New Blogs Discovered
  • http://sallytangle.blogspot.co.uk/  I can't believe I found a fellow Carlisle blogger.  Sally's blog is super pretty, I love all her outfit posts the best, and I'm very jealous of her wardrobe.
  • http://claireabellemakes.com/ Claire is really lovely, her blog is full of the prettiest pictures of her home town and all her crafty projects, a new fave on my regular reads.
  • http://wishwishwish.net/ Really professional, well designed blog, lovely to look at.
  • http://www.shinythoughts.net/ Another lovely, professional effort. These blogs are an inspiration, are they just naturally talented at blogging or do they spend their entire day on blog posts?

Things That Made Me Smile
A relaxing week off work.  Meeting friends for picnic lunches in the sunshine. •  Long bike ride adventures to new places. •  Evening walks along the river. •  Presents from my boss! The burst of colourful summer flowers in the parks and gardens.  Discovering new amazing trees.   Sneaky ice cream breaks in the gardens at work. •  Making summer plans.  My sister being home. •  lovely comments on my blog.

•  Finally going to the doc about my crazy ankle.  Making new curtains for my flat. Teaching myself to crochet. •  Getting more exciting projects at work. •  English Heritage posting my blog post about Carlisle Castle on their FB page!

Well June certainly started out great with the long bank holiday and Jubilee, I wonder what else it will bring...

1 June 2012

This week

Screeeeam! This week there has been lots of pics in the press about the filming of the new series of Downton Abbey. HOW exciting! Cannot wait to watch it, and it will be the wedding and stuff, aaargh! (I am a HUGE fan of any period costume dramas!) Also how amazing is that house??? christ! Read the full article and see more pics here.

I have begun to notice all the summer flowers popping up in gardens.  Gone are all my spring faves, but I love the variety of summer flowers, and Rhododendrons are one of my very faves. (Had to check the spelling a bit for that one!!!) These beauties were just down the road from me, the bush was so heavy with the flowers, they looked like they had just burst open that day.  I could not resist snapping them whilst they were at their best. My poor attempt at photography, of course, cannot fully do them justice.  I love these flowers, my sister and I used to wear them as little hats, also have you noticed how they usually line the borders of huge country estates, this is what they make me think of anyway. I bet that house above has lots of these bushes!
Last Saturday morning was spent on a cheap shoe hunt!  I noticed that pretty much all my shoes have holes in the bottom so thought it was about time for some new ones.  I do love shoes, but to be honest I find it a bit of a pain finding ones that I like.  I am fussy, I admit it, I refuse to wear leather (I don't believe in eating cows why would I wear dead ones on my feet?!) so the shoes I have are not the best quality, but the up side is they are super cheap.  The top two are from Matalan and the bottom two are Forever 21. I ended up buying the pointy, spotty blue ones, £6 bargintastic! I wish Carlisle had a Forever 21 shop oh and a Primark would be nice too!

The weather has been amazing this week (well the first part anyway and last weekend) I am SO not a summer person, I like 100 deniers, woolly scarves and mittens but I have to admit it has put a big smile on my face.  We made the most of it at the weekend with a big long bike ride in the country, getting lost down little paths and country roads, then stopped at a lovely pub for ice cold fruit cider.  We even had chip shop chips and ice creams on the little river beach for tea, how English! hehe.  (Please weather stay nice for the long weekend!)

Have a super fun bank holiday weekend, are you doing anything splendid for the Jubilee? I am!!! (so excited) I will post more next week. x