25 June 2012

Outdoor Adventures - Floody Muddy Walk to Gelt Woods

On Saturday we went for a little walk to Gelt Woods, which is one of our favourite local places to walk.  It was really flooded, I haven't ever seen the river looking so wild as this, check out Mark trying to get some action shots, I was too scared to get that close!

We discovered some pretty great trees, I love this one (bottom left) growing out of the side of a cliff face, and this one (bottom right) is called Simon!  The recent stormy weather also caused a few casualties, I get so sad when I see dead trees, aw!

Some interesting details: pretty ferns, weird tree barnacles, ivy covering the ground, and a big fat slug!

These red sandstone cliffs are really historically interesting because they were used to carve the stones that went on to build Carlisle Castle, which is pretty impressive.  You can see the tool marks still in the rocks, and some old graffiti too.

I really enjoyed the walk, yeah it was a little flooded and super muddy (but I love jumping in muddy puddles in my pink wellies) but all the rain made the woods so green and pretty.

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