8 June 2012

This week...

I discovered this website http://www.trollieddolly.com/. ALL the dresses are amazing! There is not one I would not wear.  And the site is based in the UK too!  I am certainly saving up for one of these beauties, but the huge problem is of course, which one to pick???

We went for a little drizzly river walk the other evening and all along the river there were beautiful wild flowers, it looked like a meadow, they were so tall and lined the length of the river bank, super pretty.

OK, so everyone is bored of Jubilee stuff now and I wouldn't ordinarily post pictures of Kate but I do think she looked amazing this week for the boaty thing.  This is by far my fave Kate outfit so far.
(Pic source www.dailymail.co.uk)

A friend and I went to an outlet shopping village this week, I could not resist going because I LOVE the Whittard shop there.  Their hand painted plates, cups and bowls are so pretty, I do love a polka dot!  I purchased the two bowls, I already have the red cup and saucer so just need to get the blue and the stripey ones now!  Get yours here... http://www.whittard.co.uk/


  1. all these dresses seem to look nice but I would prefer cherry one, but actually I think it most depends on an occasion you choose a dress for;)

    may be we could follow each other? Just let me know and I'll return the favor


    1. Hi Helen.

      Thanks for checking out my little blog and for your comment. I am now following your lovely blog too.

      Jo x

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