22 June 2012

This Week...

At the weekend we found the funniest little knitted dogs! They were hiding in an antique shop in amongst all the antiques, they were everywhere and were all different.  But the thing I loved about them was that they were, well not very good! (I can't talk I couldn't knit a dog!) but I think perhaps they were made to be a bit silly looking, one even had both it's ears falling off the side of it's face. I really wish I bought one now. When Sister Dearest and I were little, we would spend our pocket money on little deformed toys because we felt sorry for them, I do still totally slightly believe that my soft toys have feelings. (Oh dear, I'm 31 and still believe this and I still have soft toys! Who wants to be a grown up anyway! hehe.)

Sorry, couldn't help sharing this little guy! A friend posted this link on her FB page this week. OMG how cute! Check out more of his little baby animal friends here... http://www.buzzfeed.com/summeranne/25-perfectly-hand-sized-baby-animals

Yet again Gala's blog has been super inspiring and resonant this week.  Her post about ways to stop wasting time on the internet really made me look at how much time I waste online, eeek, like most of the evening, every evening!  I love the internet, and I love finding new inspiring blogs and websites to read but I really do need to spend more time on other things.  Check it out here... http://galadarling.com/article/100-things-to-do-instead-of-procrastinating-on-the-internet

I discovered a great new blog http://ashley-ringmybell.blogspot.co.uk/ go check it out, she is super cool! Ashley is an actress currently in Revenge which I am loving!

I LOVED Elycia's nails this week, check out her post here http://www.loveelycia.com/2012/06/what-i-wore-primary-colours.html. Primary colours are my faves, so I def need to somehow attempt to re-create these.  Thanks for the inspiration Elycia!

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