5 July 2012

Baking Adventures - Mint Crunch Slice

I baked!!! haven't baked since my Jubilee party.  I was totally craving these little mint crunch slices the other day so I thought I would show you my recipe.

You will need...

8oz digestive biccies
2oz cocoa
4oz marg
4oz syrup
8oz choc
some food colouring
some peppermint flavouring
some water
some icing sugar

I kind of made this recipe up, but used my Mum's 'Nice Stuff' (that's what we called it when little)recipe for the base...

Bash digestive biccies into smithereens (I use the end of a heavy wooden rolling pin in a bowl).  Tip cocoa, marg and syrup into a big pan and heat gently until all melted and stir well.  Tip in biccies into choc goo mixture and mix well.  Should be quite stiff consistency.  Tip mixture into a tin, I usually go quite thick, so smallish tin and smooth out with back of spoon until you have a flat surface.  Lick the choc biccie mixture from spoon and bowl (best bit!)  and boring bit... put in fridge, ideally over night, or couple hours for the less patient.

Mix up some green peppermint icing (tip icing sugar into mint flavoured green water until you get desired consistency)  It does need to be quite thick.  Smooth onto the set choc biccie base with a spatula or knife.  Shake tin along the table from left to right, up and down to create a smooth surface on top (if u like the perfect look).  Put back in fridge to set more.  (Ugh so much waiting around for this recipe)

Get your choc, melt it.  Don't do what I did and eat half of it the previous day and have to buy more! haha.  Pour over set green icing and biccie base.  Again shake tin to create a smooth surface.  Put back in fridge once more.

Should only be in fridge for little while this time, try to catch it just before completely set, or like mine, the choc will crack when cutting it.

Put on plate, take photos, upload to Instagram (if u are a cool hispter of course!) then eat, keep eating until you feel sick...ah!

Please feel free to pop round for a slice... I really do feel quite sick now, ugh!

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  1. Ooh these look so NICE! x


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