9 July 2012

Crafty Adventures - Trip to Dalemain Fair

On Saturday Mum and I went to a little local craft fair at Dalemain there were so many great little crafts, I thought I would share some of my favourite finds.

These little knitted finger puppets and mice are so cute, I love little hand knitted toys.  Of course I bought one, the little mouse guy at the front with the blue shorts and red scarf is now proudly sitting on top of my bookcase. (Don't worry he isn't lonely without his friends, I have a collection of other little people there too!)

Teeny doll outfits! aw! Makes me wish I still had my dolly, so I could dress her up!

These little outfits and knitted toys were made by Sheila Bailey, but unfortunately she doesn't appear to have a website.

I am a bit obsessed with handmade pottery, I have a little collection of locally made bowls.
Loved these ones, top pic pottery can be found at http://www.wetheriggs-pottery.co.uk/ and the hedgehog pottery can be found at www.jennybell.co.uk

And lastly I purchased this sheep noticeboard.  I love this sheep material, I found it in a shop recently and bought a fat quarter, which I am yet to use, so I fell in love with this pinboard.  As you can see I have put it up already and started to store my little collection of crafty business cards.   The noticeboards can be found here www.beechcroftboards.co.uk.

I love visiting craft fairs, here's hoping that the weather finally gets a bit nicer and I can enjoy making more crafty discoveries this summer.


  1. nice pics. i enjoyed our day out too and even the weather was ok. so sorry about the ending xxxx

  2. Hi! Nice pics! I thought you had made the board before i read on, remembered you buying the fabric! So jealous i wasnt able to come :(

    Sister xx

    1. Thanks Sis. These pics are old camera actually, think u can see the difference with today's post pic quality tho! I love that sheep fabric, I had to buy it as soon as I saw it!


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