4 July 2012

MOVIES - Mermaids

I am starting a new little series today called MOVIES! Much like SONGS these are little posts about amazing films that I am suggesting you check out.  They obviously deserve a fully capitalised name because of their awesomeness.  I will post mainly about my faves and some new ones that I find along the way.

The series has to start with my absolute all time favourite film.... Mermaids.

I can't remember the first time I saw this film, but it was years and years ago, it was likely to be just one of those random films that you find yourself watching on TV on a rainy Saturday afternoon.  But I fell in love... mostly with Charlotte (girl crush!) firstly it's Winona, I LOVE her, one of my all time fave actresses, but she is so funny and weird in this. Her little prim outfits and peter pan collared shirts are soo great and I could totally relate to how obsessed and stalkerish she is over Joe.

"Dear god, I love the way he throws...." (pic top left!)

Not only is Winona in it but also Christina Ricci, yet another of my very fave actresses! Awesome!  I have read interviews with Christina where she talks about her time spent on this film, it was the days when Winona was going out with none other than Johnny Depp and she got to hang out with them both, er HOW cool!  We will overlook the fact that Cher (!) is in it too, but actually she is kind of great in this.

My Sister and I embarrassingly know an awful lot of the dialogue of this film off by heart!

"A word about Mrs Flax and food, the word is Hors d'oeuvres, fun finger food is her main source book and that's all the woman cooks, anything else she says is too big a commitment" hehe.

My favourite scene is when she goes on a fishing trip with Joe, just perfectly captures how a teenage girl feels about her first crush, hehe. 

Check out the trailer...

If you have not seen this movie you are CRAZY! Go see it now, NOW!  It is an absolute classic.

And if you have seen it what are your thoughts, let me know in the comments...

(All pics from www.imdb.com)


  1. Great film! Loved it as a teenager, but I haven't seen it for years =)

  2. I have not seen this, I will try to fix that :P

  3. I absolutely LOVE mermaids! It is such a classic, and i too know most of the dialogue :)


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