11 July 2012

Outdoor Adventures - Dalemain Gardens

Whilst visiting Dalemain Fair on Saturday mum and I took the time to visit the beautiful gardens, and it was the perfect first outing for my new camera!

We were sooo excited to discover this little door in the wall to a secret little woodland garden!

No idea what this plant is called, and it is'nt the prettiest but if you see them, you must feel them, the leaves are soooo soft! They feel like baby rabbits!

LOVE oak leaves! these ones were sooo green.

Huuuuge leaves! I was standing under them to take the photos, they were super spikey too.

What do you think of the photos with the new camera then?  I think the image quality is way better, not sure about the skill though, haha!


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  2. Lovely pictures! Have this "baby rabbit" plant in my garden, and it is a favorite with the bumblebees, too! Gets a bit gross in autumn when the leaves start to die - no idea what it's called, though! - xo Anja


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