2 July 2012

This Month... June

Well that was yet another month that has wizzed past, here is a little re-cap...

Movies/TV Shows

« Revenge I watched the first episode of this on TV and then being the naturally impatient person I am I then watched the entire first season online in like a week! It's quite implausible, but actualy I really enjoyed it, lots of interesing twists!  « True Blood wuhu, sooo happy that this is back, but annoying that I have to wait an entire week for each episode.

New Blogs Discovered

 « Ring My Bell Ashley is an actress in Revenge and I really love her style.

« Two Happy Hearts The photography on this fashion blog is great, I recommend you check it out.

« Messy Carla I love Carla's fun sense of style, she really knows how to put an outfit together.
« Everyday Elsie and Everyday Emma Wow new blogs from the A Beautful Mess girls, yeah!

Things That Made Me Smile

« The Jubilee, having an excuse for a wee party, putting up bunting and baking patriotic cakes. « Hanging out with my favouritest sister.  « Pea pod peas. « Student art exhibitions.  « Getting a big cheque from the tax man. « Ceilidh dancing. « Rainy walks in my pink wellies.  « Crochet.  « Silly wolly dogs.  « Long evening bike rides.  « New Twitter followers.  « Cuddles with tiny baby kittens.

Well the weather has kind of ruined this month, but actually looking back now there were loads of things to make me smile in June, was a pretty good month for me actually.  What were your June highlights?

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