1 July 2012

This Week...

So the end of this week has been kind of busy, it's Sunday evening and I have only just got round to getting my This Week blog out!

So here is the round up of highlights this week...

I went dancing to a Ceilidh on Saturday night, it was SUPER fun! I haven't been to one for years and don't really know the dances but I soon found that everyone else kept me right.  It was a proper Ceilidh in Scotland and everything! Scottish people just naturally know all the dances, not fair!

I discovered a great new blog Making Nice in the Midwest, it is such a good looking blog and has quickly moved onto my faves list on Bloglovin.  But this post http://makingniceinthemidwest.com/2012/06/25/blogging-wisdom-and-a-fresh-start/ was especially good.  Some really good things to think about here, makes me want to make some changes to my blog, we shall see... Pic source: making Nice in the Midwest

I disovered this pretty satchel, I have a thing for green, I think this should be mine.  My usual handbag is a canvas Cath Kidston messenger bag and this beautiful never ending rainy weather we are having is making everything a bit soggy so really a new waterproof bag would be an investment!  And I just looked at the website and it's now in the sale! (it's meant to be surely!)  Pic source: Accessorize

A Beautiful Mess got a make-over! I think it looks great, I like how clean and uncluttered it now looks.  A Beautiful Mess is the first blog that really got me interested in blogging and inspired me to start up this one.  I have really enjoyed seeing how it has developed, even just in the relatively short time I have been reading it.  It's at the top of my favourites list and I do not go a day without reading it! Pic source: A Beautiful Mess

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