13 July 2012

This Week...

So I have become a little obsessed with Supermarket dresses this week.  Being on a tight clothes budget I am forced to be creative, I thought I would have a wee peak at some of the clothing delights that my local supermarkets have to offer and I was very pleasantly surprised!  I think these are super pretty!  Here are the details...

1. Asda £12      2. Tesco £16      3. Tesco £18      4. Tesco £10      5. Asda £16      6. Tesco £16

Those prices are shocking, in a good way! I treated myself to number 4 and 6 and actually the quality isn't that bad! For summer dresses that you perhaps only expect to wear for one season, bargintastic!!!  I am planning to snap up number 1 and 2 on next payday.  Buy them here Tesco and Asda.

Jenny and the Magic Feather, my most favouritest blog ever, had a make-over, HOW exciting.  Check it out now, so pretty!

This little girl was all over the news this week! I have fallen in love!  I am such a sucker for a cute animal story, even though they always upset me and make me cry (and fill me with rage and hatred of course for the evil, despicable people who do these horrid things).  This story has a happy ending though, she was rescued and is doing great and obviously after being all over the news she will find a loving new home in no time. aw! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2172059/UK-weather-Bald-puppy-needs-new-home-cruel-owners-abandoned-weeks-floods.html

I discovered a cool new blog this week. Influence is such a good read and her blog layout is super pretty, as you can see from the banner above.

How can it be Friday already???  (not that I am complaining) It's come round so soon I haven't even thought about any weekend plans yet.  I hope you have a good one, whatever it is you are doing. x

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