20 July 2012

This Week...

This week has been taken over by Graduation!  Not mine, I might add, but the students at the uni I work at.  I have attended 10 ceremonies, spread over 4 days, said congratulations and gave a badge to 1500 graduates, heard the same speech 10 times over, enjoyed the same song sang by the choir ten times over, smiled until my face hurt and clapped until my hands were sore! I need to sleep for a loooong time now....

Tatty Devine posted this awesome video on their Official YouTube page it shows how a name necklace is made, pretty cool!  But makes me want yet more name necklaces, sigh!

HOW pretty is this dress??? When I saw it on the Dorothy Perkins website I gasped.  Birdcage print, a Peter Pan collar and beautiful purple colour, can a dress get prettier? Oh why oh why does it have to be a whole week until payday? so unfair, want it now!!!  Buy it here...

I realise I'm a little late to this particular party, but I am soooo excited this week because I ordered my very first iphone! scream!  I haven't actually got it yet, but I am sure you will know about it when I do, expect lots of ramblings about how much I love it and best of all I can finally INSTAGRAM! woo! (Photo source: Apple)

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope u have a splendid weekend x


  1. I love the graduation pic so so much!! MAde me giggle! I thought i was going mad, grads in m&s whilst i was getting lunch, grads in work buying sale stuff (why would you want to do that on that day?!?) grads outside costa at 8am (dedication!), grads in bitts park…EVERYWHERE!!!! Mine seems like so so long ago now xxxx

    1. Monsoon sale is clearly too good to resist! Yeah there were a lot of them, they kind of all started to look the same after a while... Haha. I realised that my own graduation was (whispers it) 10 years ago this summer! Eek! What have I been doing with my life? X

  2. I finally succumbed to the lure of the iPhone a few weeks back. Instagram is great but there are so many other cute little photo apps too. Hope you enjoy it! Love the blog. We share a lot of the same tastes :) x

    1. Thank u for your comment. I literally have not put iPhone down! What's your Instagram name? I'm PerfectHidingPlace I think, something like that. I really like your blog too, been going back through all your outfit posts they are so fab! X


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