31 August 2012

This Week...

I am going crazy over satchels this week, I really really want one, but it is a tough decision.  I can't decide between a spotty one or a plain one! I love these Cath Kidston ones (1 and 5), I wouldn't hesitate to buy either of these two if not for one thing, they have teeny bits of leather on, just trimmings but I don't wear leather at all, so deal breaker for me, but oh so pretty!  2,3 and 4 are all some recent finds from Ebay, I am loving Ebay recently too. 

Decor8 blog posted this picture of the most amazing sweet shop this week.  Unfortunately it is in Australia, but how amazing does this look?

Looking great in paparazzi pictures this week, Zooey Deschanel, well she always looks amazing doesn't she, Holly Willoughby caught without make-up, gosh I wish I looked that great without make-up in casual clothes, and lastly Fearne, there are always so many Fearne pics, but she always looks great, I love her interesting outfits.
As you may have seen this week in my Photo an hour post I treated myself to a few little new make-up items, one of which was an MUA palette.  I am loving these palettes, so many to choose from, such great colours, and guess what, they are £4 each! Check out all the lovely make-up on their website www.muastore.co.uk

The highlight of my week, this week was my little trip to Glasgow on Wednesday.  Ok, so it wasn't a pleasure trip, I was sent there for work for a boring training course, but I did get a little time to peak in a few shops! The training place was conveniently located literally right next to Primark! For someone who does not live in a city with a Primark this is very exciting! So naturally I stocked up on the Primark essentials fleecy PJ's (god I LOVE Primark fleecy PJ's!), brogues and leggings.  I did spy with my little eye the Cath Kidston shop and felt obliged to pop in, oh Cath, you tease me so with your pretty pretty displays... sigh....

Hope you have had a super week and have something beautiful planned for the weekend, see you on Monday... x

30 August 2012

A photo an hour...

I finally got round to doing a photo an hour!  I have been meaning to have a go at one of these posts for a while now.  So this was my Tuesday this week, I was off work and recovering from the festival at the weekend, so this is my SUPER exciting day!
10 am - Woke up, I was quite impressed by my lie in actually, I don't normally sleep in late, I must have been tired due to lack of sleep from the weekend. (Yes I am still a child and have soft toys on my bed, so what! hehe.)

11 am - So I slobbed about a bit and watched TV, then I got hungry so had my usual brekkie of dry weetabix, yes I know that's weird!

12 pm - The postman came and he delivered my new issue of Mollie Makes! screeeam! Was so excited to see this on the doormat, so spent the next hour or so reading it.

1 pm - I finally got ready and had a shower and put a face on!

2 pm - I popped into town for some little treats! Here is my shopping stash, lovely new wool colours for my granny square blanket (update on this coming soon) and some new make-up.  I am loving the MUA range in Superdrug, super cheap, but super good!

3 pm - I got the bus to Morrisons from town for the weekly food shop (oh what an exciting life I do lead!) Look I bought a plant for my office, and check out the food essentials, Simpsons freeze pops, my latest obsession!

4 pm - It's Tuesday, which means mag day! have I mentioned my little obsession before? hehe! So I spent yet another hour reading more mags.

5 pm - I decided to do something more productive and gave my little flat a clean, all my weekend stuff was strewn all over the place so thought about time to tidy up a bit and stop being so slobby.

6 pm - As I had a late brekkie and then skipped lunch by this time I was hungry so made a big bowl of stirfry. Yum.

7 pm until bedtime - My usual evening of reading and writing blogs!

Hope you enjoyed this little insight into my thrillingly exciting day! x

29 August 2012

We went to a Festival!

Well this weekend, for the first time in many years, I went to a music festival! wuhu!   We went to Solfest in Cumbria and it was super fun, and er super muddy!  I thought I would bore you with some of our photos from the weekend...

We were really lucky with the weather on the first day, it was really warm and sunny for the most part, a little drizzle but we ignored that.  Looking back at these photos everything looks so sparkly and clean on the first day!

I made our tent super cosy, we could park right next to the tent so we just kept all our stuff in the car and filled the tent with loads of blankets, pillows and sleeping bags for extra cosiness.  Check out our essential festival supplies, surely all you need is cider, noodles and sweets?

It was so nice to be able to sit on the grass, chill with friends over some beers and listen to good bands on the first day, that's what festivals are all about.

Above shows the House of Joy reggae/ska tent and the Dance tent, also some pretty kites, the gecko kites were so cool.

The spork, the ONLY camping utensil you will ever need. (I always chuckle when I hear the word spork, sooo funny!)

So it rained allllll day on the 2nd day! This made the festival site a teeny bit (ok a LOT) muddy, there was no grass left, it wasn't pretty.  But we battled through, and I'm glad we did because Saturday night was the awesome Billy Bragg and then Sunday evening the even more awesome Duke Spirit, they were amazing!

The rain stopped a bit on the last day and the sun came out, we braved the muddy grass, sitting on our coats, boots not so shiny and clean anymore!

Have you been to any festivals this year... what were your fave parts?

24 August 2012

This Week...

Ahhh it's payday today, which can only mean one thing, trawling through the internet looking at pretty dresses.  I am going crazy over the key print dress and acorn print dress from Oasis and how pretty is this fox print dress, look at that collar detail, and the Aztec dress, such a nice colour, both from Sugarhill Boutique.  Can't afford them all though, impossible choice, life is soooo unfair! (Pic Sources: Oasis and Sugarhill Boutique)

I made the most awesome discovery this week, a lady who makes cookies with buttons on! That's right, a combination of two of my absolute favourite things cookies and buttons, screeeam! The buttons in the pic above are icing buttons, what a fabulous idea!  You can buy them here...
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Button-Biscuits-and-Cakes/158837144157330  Did I mention it is my birthday next month... wow, these would make a lovely present wouldn't they..... (te he he!) (Pic source: Button Biscuits and Cakes)

The highlight of my week was my little office move, I have my own office now! I feel so important! Can't wait to make it more my own with some plants and pics on the walls. (Pic Source: me!)

Looking good this week in paparazzi pics, I do actually quite like some of the things Paris Hilton wears (don't judge me!) Gwyneth looking impossibly amazing and super cute sixties dress Fearne.  Wow, just looking at the photos I chose, do you think I subconsciously want to be a tall, slim blonde? hehe. (Pic Source: Daily Mail)

Well as you are reading this I am either on route to or at Solfest, WUHU!!!  So I am giving myself a little internet break, will be back at some point next week with new posts and no doubt lots of festival pics to bore you with!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Jo x

23 August 2012

Polka Dotty!

I love prints, simple, but bright and colourful prints fill my wardrobe and my little loft flat.  But by far my favourite print is simple polka dots.  I am drawn to anything polka dotty, it is beginning to get obsessional!  I often go out of the house not realising that I am wearing several different polka dot prints, they really are taking over my wardrobe I don't even notice anymore!

Above is a selection of polka dotty items from my wardrobe, 3 polka dotty dresses from Purple, Asda and Tesco, a pretty pink polka dot shirt from River Island, my favourite polka dot cardy from M&S and pretty green polka dot scarf from Zara.

I gathered some other polka dotty items from my flat and collected them together on my, that's right, polka dotty table cloth!

Above you can see a small example of my polka dotty crockery collection, a hand painted polka dotty jewelry box with new polka dot ring, polka dotty stationary (LOVE pretty stationary!) and a polka dotty bread bin which was a present from my mum when I moved into my flat (she knows me so well!).

Even my everyday bags are polka dotty.  And not just any old polka dotty, they are Cath Kidston polka dotty, if you are going to go prints, you have to go Cath!

I never forget about footwear, and of course I have many polka dot shoes.  Here you can see my well worn old Cons and pretty polka flat pumps.

Are you dotty for polka dots?  I would LOVE to hear about your collection...

22 August 2012

This Week's Nails...

This week I had another go at two tone nails.  At the weekend I went for a 'sophisticated' combination of dark grey and purple, I was rather happy with this combination and pleased that my stripes worked well.  I did wonder if the colours were a bit too dark though and the two tone maybe wasn't too obvious.

The colours I used were Barry M in 293 Grey, Barry M 312 Indigo and my Barry M clear topcoat.

So by Monday I had got bored with the grey and purple and I decided to do a brighter combination...

I love the colour combinations here, but I am not pleased at all with the leaky lines! boo!

For anyone who may not know how to do these nails, it is super easy.  Simply apply a base colour (always the lightest colour first) and paint the nail as normal.  Wait until it dries completely.  Cut up some sellotape into little strips, being careful to keep a straight line.  I always stick the strips onto my leg or the sofa or something to get some of the stickiness off first.  Do one nail at a time and apply the sellotape carefully thinking about where you want the line to be.  Stick down and smooth over so there are no holes therefore potential leakage.  Simply paint the tip of the nail, going over the tape so you get a straight edge.  As soon as you have finished whip off the tape and hopefully you have a straight line.  Wait until the second colour dries completely then paint with a clear topcoat.

My pinky red colour was quite thin I think and I didn't end up with a particularly clear line.  I was perhaps rather impatient too and didn't wait until each coat dried, oh well, will try better next time!

Colours used: Rimmel London in 810 Blue My Mind, Barry M in 290 Spring Green, Nails Inc in 388 Piccadilly Circus and Barry M clear topcoat.

21 August 2012

Festival Fashion

I am sooooo excited! This weekend I'm going to Solfest, a local music festival, this is a big deal, because I haven't been to a proper festival since my early twenties (a wee while ago!).  I'm sure I can still do it right??? 3 days of not washing, not eating properly, drinking too much, no sleep and er not to mention the toilets, I'm not too old right???

I remember the good old days when we excitedly rushed to WH Smith for the latest NME and Melody Maker to find out the festival line ups, then waited until all the bands were listed then sauntered up to Pink Panther records to purchase our hard saved for tickets in person! None of this selling out in one day before you know which bands are playing internet malarky in my day! Haha!

So I am a little worried about what to wear... I am pretty certain whatever I wear I'm not going to look quite as cool as those above at Coachella this year!  (They probably hired stylists to get that 'perfect edgy festival style' just right! hehe.)

Here are some of my dream festival looks...
Hat, glasses, bag and belt from Topshop, dress from Apricot

This look is my stylish festival look, inspired by Dita Von Teese, somehow I doubt I could pull this off!  This is more me (and a bit more practical for the Cumbrian weather)... a thrown together mish mash of prints and colours...

Dress Apricot, waterproof and bag Cath Kidston, wellies Office (they have a knitted pattern, how cute!), Slouchy cardy Topshop,  tights M&S, and of course Tatty Devine necklace (new collaboration with Tate) and incredibly cool eyelash sunglasses.

Are you going to any festivals this year?

20 August 2012

Style Crush - Zooey Deschanel

I love Zooey Deschanel, she knows how to dress for her shape really well and favours full skirted 50's style dresses, which is always my dress shape of choice too. She seems to like skirts and dresses best and is very rarely pictured in trousers, she is quite a girly girl but with a slightly 'cute' and alternative edge.

Her on screen style as Jess is not too much of a departure from her real life style, well Jess is maybe a little bit more quirky, but I actually like Jess's style better although unfortunately I found it difficult to find decent pics for the blog of 'Jess'.

Zooey is not only a style crush but a full on massive girl crush, she is fantastic!  I haven't enjoyed a TV programme in recent years as much as I love New Girl, Zooey's character Jess, is the most interesting and funny character on TV at the moment, in my opinion, I cannot wait for new episodes.  I also really loved her role in 500 Days of Summer too, such a good film.  Her character's style here is very similar to Jess, makes me think that Zooey must have quite a lot of control over wardrobe choices?

For more on Zooey...

Check out her IMDB page.. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0221046/
Watch New Girl... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1826940/
Check out her blog/online mag that she co-founded and contributes to... http://hellogiggles.com/

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(Pic Sources: Look & Daily Mail)

19 August 2012

This Week...

I discovered the Models Own nail varnish website! Wow, what a collection of colours, I have so many on my 'want' list!  I've never purchased a Models Own varnish before, I have one bottle of bright pink that my sister gave me and I am so impressed by how quickly it dries (instantly) and the vibrancy of the colours. (Pic source: Models Own)

How pretty does Elycia look!!! She posted this week about how she has finally got her hair back to white.  She is one of those annoyingly lucky people who can pull off any hair colour, but I do think she looks fab here.  If you haven't checked out Elycia's blog yet, then go NOW, she is my absolute favourite blogger!  (Pic Source: Love Elycia)

I read an article stating that Bill & Ted are making a comeback!!?? Really? Could it be true!? I loved the Bill & Ted films back in the day, and the idea of a new film is exciting, but really how good is it likely to be?  These sequels ages after are never that good are they. (Pic Source: Daily Mail)

Looking good in paparazzi shots this week: 1. Keira Knightly, love her collection of summer dresses! 2. Leighton Meester as Blair on set of new series of Gossip Girl, I love Blair's style, can't wait to see this! 3. Rachel Bilson, she never makes a fashion mistake does she! This dress looks great on her, however on me I am pretty sure it would resemble a tent! 4. Loving Blake Lively's casual look, she always looks ultra groomed even in jeans! (Pic Source: Daily Mail)

This story made me cry so much! Aw, his dog is dying and is crippled with arthritis so he brings him into the sea every night until he falls asleep as the water eases his joints and makes it easier for him to sleep! Aw!!!!  I would so do that for my dog tho! (Pic Source: Daily Mail)

Sorry this post is a little late this week, I have been rather busy at work and not caught up properly, it is Clearing Week which means a mega busy, stress time for all uni's and all staff are roped in to help. Glad it's all over now though.

16 August 2012

SONG - Against Me! Don't Loose Touch

I have a SONG for you today...

I'm off being super busy at work for university clearing, manning the phones and dealing with all the tearful students who didn't get into their first choice university. F.U.N!

Ahhh! This one never fails to put a smile on my face and get me bobbing along to the beat in the living room!

Against Me! - Don't Lose Touch

Let me know what you think in the comments...

15 August 2012

Hero - Beatrix Potter

My hero this month is Beatrix Potter, I really don't know how she hasn't come up sooner in this series because she is such a favourite of mine. (Image: Beatrix Potter by Delma Banner 1938, National Portrait Gallery www.npg.org.uk)

I grew up on Beatrix Potter, like all children did (seriously if you don't have Beatrix Potter books when you are a child there is something wrong!) but my fascination with her stories and illustrations didn't stop at childhood. The more I learn about her, the more and more I admire this great woman.

Beatrix Potter's stories always felt like mine, they were inspired by and written in the Lake District part of the county of Cumbria which I call home.  I know the places that she writes about and being aware as a child that these little tales were written so close by made them so much more precious to me. (Image: www.peterrabbit.com)

I remember this TV show distinctly when we were young, this series really brought the books alive for us and I love the acted intro and then the stories illustrated by Beatrix's original drawings. Oh please bring this TV show back!

So what makes Beatrix so great and worthy of hero status?  Where do I start??? There are so many reasons, but firstly I guess it has to be her stories, they are timeless, they still captivate the imagination of children the world over today and I can't see her popularity diminishing anytime soon.  Then her illustrations of course, her books are so amazing because she not only writes beautiful stories but she illustrates them too.  My favourite type of artwork is illustration and her drawings are so pretty and really appeal to me.

The V&A in London holds the largest public collection of Beatrix Potter original drawings. You can see some of the collection on their website, and I have 'borrowed' this image above from there. http://www.vam.ac.uk/page/b/beatrix-potter/

I suppose what makes Beatrix Potter so extra special for me is her love of the Lake District, she is not Cumbrian born, but annual family holidays to the county made a huge impression on her (how can our fine county fail to do so with anybody?) and she fell in love with the landscape so much so that as soon as she could she packed up and moved here and remained until her death at the age of 77.  Cumbria has very much claimed Beatrix as our own and it is here that you can visit her actual house, Hilltop and visit the Beatrix Potter Gallery, once the offices of her husband's law firm.  A lot of what we see and love about the Lakes today is down to Beatrix, she not only made it her home but she was fiercely protective over the landscape and way of life.  She used the proceeds of her many books to buy up farms to preserve the land from development.  She was instrumental in the founding and establishment of the National Trust and she left her entire estate to the organisation on her death so they could continue her hard work in preserving traditional Lakeland and country life. Wow, such an inspiration!

If you want to know more then do read Linda Lear's biography on Beatrix, it really is excellent.  Also check out the movie Miss Potter, of course I love it, anything to do with Beatrix Potter is going to get my attention.  The movie was filmed on location in the Lakes so of course the scenery is breathtaking and I thought Rene Zellweger was excellent in it.  It is worth noting that Rene raved about how amazing the Lake District was after spending time working on the movie here and there was talk of her buying a house! (or so our local paper would have us believe).

Animal and nature lover, lake District resident, illustrator, great story teller, feminist, independent, business woman, conservationist, Herdwick sheep farmer, romantic and so much more... Beatrix Potter holds a very worthy place in my heroes list.

14 August 2012

This Week's Nails...

I made my first attempt at leopard print nails this week.  I'm not usually a big fan of leopard print, but I am going to a hen do soon and that is the theme, so of course my nails have to match!

It is actually quite easy, I will maybe use some different colours for the hen do, I'm sure I will blog about it though...

What I used:
Model's Own in Sophie's Pink, such a cool brand it dries instantly so great as a base colour (for the impatient like me!) Barry M in Spring Green, a very old and gloopy Barry M black (must remember to replace!) and finally my trusty Barry M clear topcoat.  I also used the tiniest of my dotting tools.

This is what you do:
Paint nails with 2 coats of your base colour.  Once dried, select 'spot' colour and use the brush to dot on random splodges, these should not be regular sizes or shapes.  Once the spots have dried, pour some black onto a scrap piece of paper, this makes it much easier to use quickly than dipping into bottle each time.  Dip end of tiny dotting tool into black paint and dot on around the splodges.  You should create sort of irregular 'brackets' round each coloured splodge.  Don't worry about neatness and getting regular black lines, leopards don't have regular spots!  Do some smaller black splodges in random places too.  Once everything dried finish with a clear topcoat.

What do you think?  Have you ever tried leopard nails?