30 August 2012

A photo an hour...

I finally got round to doing a photo an hour!  I have been meaning to have a go at one of these posts for a while now.  So this was my Tuesday this week, I was off work and recovering from the festival at the weekend, so this is my SUPER exciting day!
10 am - Woke up, I was quite impressed by my lie in actually, I don't normally sleep in late, I must have been tired due to lack of sleep from the weekend. (Yes I am still a child and have soft toys on my bed, so what! hehe.)

11 am - So I slobbed about a bit and watched TV, then I got hungry so had my usual brekkie of dry weetabix, yes I know that's weird!

12 pm - The postman came and he delivered my new issue of Mollie Makes! screeeam! Was so excited to see this on the doormat, so spent the next hour or so reading it.

1 pm - I finally got ready and had a shower and put a face on!

2 pm - I popped into town for some little treats! Here is my shopping stash, lovely new wool colours for my granny square blanket (update on this coming soon) and some new make-up.  I am loving the MUA range in Superdrug, super cheap, but super good!

3 pm - I got the bus to Morrisons from town for the weekly food shop (oh what an exciting life I do lead!) Look I bought a plant for my office, and check out the food essentials, Simpsons freeze pops, my latest obsession!

4 pm - It's Tuesday, which means mag day! have I mentioned my little obsession before? hehe! So I spent yet another hour reading more mags.

5 pm - I decided to do something more productive and gave my little flat a clean, all my weekend stuff was strewn all over the place so thought about time to tidy up a bit and stop being so slobby.

6 pm - As I had a late brekkie and then skipped lunch by this time I was hungry so made a big bowl of stirfry. Yum.

7 pm until bedtime - My usual evening of reading and writing blogs!

Hope you enjoyed this little insight into my thrillingly exciting day! x


  1. I love these posts, looks like a nice relaxing day to me! Cheap good makeup is the best, the price of makeup is outrageous these days!

    1. Thanks Celeste, yeah I always like reading these kind of posts and was fun to do, you should def try it, oh and the make-up too, was £4 for that big eyeshadow pallette, bargin! x

  2. Oh I love this idea! I'll have to try one myself! All your pictures are so colourful - I love the wool choices!

    1. Thanks Fran, def do try it, it's fun to do. Am super happy with the wool colours, can't wait until my blanket is finished, loong way to go though. x

  3. I love these posts, it's always so nice to get a little peak into other blogger's lives. I'm glad I'm not the only person obsessed with MUA as well, I love buying their lipsticks to try out new colours cheaply, and they are surprisingly good quality xo

    1. Thanks Alice, yeah MUA is great, It's a new discovery for me, so happy with the prices, will def be adding to my collection soon!


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