6 August 2012

Art Exhibition - Carlisle Cathedral

Last weekend we took a little trip to a local art exhibition.  The exhibition was held at Carlisle Cathedral and was the work of local painters.  There were all sorts of subjects depicted, from local scenes, fantasy landscapes, still life, abstract pieces and animal portraits.

I do really enjoy seeing the work of local talented painters and I thought I would share a few of my faves.  The photos are not the best, and at weird angles, so I do apologise about that! I wasn't quite sure if I was meant to take photos so I was sneakily taking these, so just had to snap and run!

These cows in oil paint are stunning, I love the subject matter and the paint effects were incredible.  I really like the texture of oils, and these really inspire me to get the paint brushes out, I just wish I could produce something as pretty.

These really caught my eye firstly because of the beautiful way the artist has captured the light, so effective.  When I paint I only focus on the subject matter and trying to get it to look like what I want it to be, I don't even think about being all technical with lighting!  So pretty and extra nice because they depict local recognisable scenes, would love these on my wall.

I always think that oils are my favourite medium and whenever I feel like painting it is always oils I choose, however the more I see amazing paintings in watercolour really makes me want to give it another go.  I love the detail you are able to get and how you can build up the layers. 

The exhibition is still on so if you are around these parts I do urge you to go. It is a commercial exhibition so you can buy the art and so what makes it interesting is that the paintings change each day, they put new ones up as and when they are sold.

I am saving up for next year so I can buy my walls something pretty.


  1. Love the galleries they do at The Cathedral, have you been to The Crown Gallery yet? It's near the bus station next to S4,they have amazing art work there.

    1. yes I have been to Crown Gallery a couple of times, it is really good. Grreat to have a little place like that in Carlisle. I really must go more often though!


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