1 August 2012

Easy Peasy Super Yummy Flapjack

I made Flapjack, it's super yummy!  We have it in the canteen at work and I'm kind of addicted, however as I am (a.) off work and (b.) said canteen is now shut for summer anyway (pesky students) I will have to make my own...

So you will need...

8oz porridge oats (big chunky ones), 4oz marg (I use Pure, It's vegan (yeah) and also super cheap and I think tastier than butter or 'normal' marg), 3 oz brown sugar, 4oz golden syrup.

Mix marg, sugar and syrup in bowl and heat in microwave for 10 secs or so until melted together.  Tip in oats and mix well.  Put in baking tray and squidge down (I lined my tray first so they will come out easy) Use the back of another clean spoon to smooth over the top.  Lick other spoon and bowl!  Put in oven for 20-25 mins until the edges have started to go brown.

Cut up into squares and eat... yuuuuuuuuummy gooey, sticky, warm oaty.... droool!

I can't remember where I got this recipe from sorry I can't credit it properly, but was just a note from ages ago scribbled in my recipe book.

I'm sure if you are that way inclined you could put some raisins and other such dried fruit or nuts/seeds etc in these but I'm not a fan of fruit in my flapjack, or fruit in anything really!  I love fruit, raisins etc on their own, yummy, but in stuff, just NO! Don't get me started on fruit in chocolate bars.... why, WHY!??!!  Anywho, go make these now they are yum diddly yummy!

Jo x

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