13 August 2012


I've been getting quite obsessed with instagramming everything since I got my iPhone, these are the latest...

L-R, top to bottom...
  1. My ironing pile got a little out of hand I thought it was photo worthy!
  2. Pretty Grinsdale churchyard
  3. Someone is enjoying her walk!
  4. Apparently one is required to take photos of their dinner when one has Instagram!
  5. Pretty Harebells
  6. Love my new dress
  7. Someone is excited about going for a walk!
  8. Pretty house in Lanercost
  9. Painting the little kitchen red makes me happy.
  10. A healthy weekend brunch.
  11. New shoes, screeam!
  12. Peapod peas, super yum.
  13. Nice and refreshing on a sunny day
  14. We tried to make the Snes work and failed, boo!
  15. Lancaster Castle is a prison, who knew?
  16. Pretty new polka dot ring.
  17. Yummy risotto
  18. A polka dotty kinda day.
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1 comment:

  1. These are lovely. I particularly like the polka dot shoes and green cardi. Graveyards are endlessly charming aren't they :)


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