8 August 2012

I've Been Sprouting!

I've been really craving healthy food recently, think it's my body telling me it is sick of the junk I am constantly putting into it! haha.  One crazily healthy thing that I love to eat are sprouted beans, so I thought I would share a little recipe/DIY sprouting tutorial for those of you who have never tried it!  The sprouts from beans are apparently the most nutritiously perfect things you can eat, super good for you.

You will need one of these contraptions...

This is a sprouter, mine is made by Sproutamo, which I think I just bought from Amazon. 

You simply select some lovely dried beans or peas, I have gone for Adzuki and Black Eyed here.  You then need to soak them overnight.  I just put beans into the largest cup, cover with water and then put the lid with holes on and store somewhere safe overnight.

Once soaked, drain your beans in a sieve and tip into the smaller cup with the holes in the bottom.  This cup then fits inside the larger cup.  You then put the domey shaped thing on the top. The small disk shaped thing is an attachment to fit inside if you have really teeny seeds like Alfalfa  it fits on top so you can sprout these also.

Now just keep checking on your beans until they have sprouted shoots to the desired length, usually about 1-2 days.

You can put the sprouted beans in stir-frys, salads, sandwiches, whatever you fancy.  If you are eating them in hot food, don't actually 'cook' them, just simply tip them into the food once been cooked, the heat etc will ruin the sprouts. You can store them in an air-tight container for a couple of days also.

Have you ever sprouted?  What were your thoughts?

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